Maharana Pratap 18th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Maharana Pratap 18th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

A man tells Pratap to go to Tulsi Deora if he wants to meet Tulsidas ji. Pratap decides to reach there asap. I will wait for him there as I want his blessings.

Rukaiyya shows a necklace to Akbar. Please make me wear it with your hands. Akbar agrees. She asks him if he has made up his mind to meet Ajmer’s Peer Baba. Akbar agrees to go. I too need his blessings a lot.

Mahamanga taunts Salima. You said that you will make Shehanshah dance to your tunes. He threw you out like a mistress. You were trying to teach me. see what has happened with you! This is your real worth. Salima requests her to stop. Please don’t leave my side right now. Please guide me, what should I do now. I cannot understand anything. I cannot think of any idea. Mahamanga says you always think of something or the other. You have also guided Shehanshah in political matters. Salima requests her not to rub salt to her wounds. Please help me. Mahamanga has an idea but its tough, and I am not sure whether you will be capable to implement it. Marry Bairam Khan! Salima is shocked. Have you lost your mind? Mahamanga says it will make Jalal mad. He will lose his cool once he finds out that you have become someone else’s now. Men don’t value what they get very easily. When you will go closer to Bairam Khan then Jalal will yearn to get you. Salima makes her repeat her words. She likes the plan. Poor Bairam Khan! Mahamanga says it is up to you as to who becomes the poor one here – Bairam Khan or you. Salima smirks.

Pratap reaches Tulsidas ji’s house. He touches the wall from outside and can hear Ram’s echo. He steps inside only after removing his sandals. He hears Ram every time he touches some or the other wall. He looks at Shree Ram, Sita ji, Laxman ji and Hanuman ji’s idol kept there. Two disciples ask for his intro. Pratap says I want to meet Tulsidas ji. When will I be able to see him? One of the disciples replies that no one can fix the time of meeting him. He can meet you right away as well if Ram ji wants it or maybe he wont meet you at all. Whatever happens happens as per Ram ji’s wish. Pratap is sure Ram ji would surely want him to meet Tulsidas ji. He notices “Satyam Shivam Sundaram” written here. Has Tulsidas ji written it? The disciple denies. It is written by Lord Shiva himself. Pratap is amazed at Tulsidas ji’s greatness. He hears someone saying that tulsidas ji is not great, Ram ji is great. Pratap turns and notices Tulsidas ji. Shiv ji, Hanuman ji is great. I am only a medium. I just follow what he wants me to do. Pratap is overwhelmed to finally see him. He folds his hands before him and then kneels down in his feet. Tulsidas ji blesses him and then heads to do his puja. He again nods at Pratap.

Massi comes to meet Ajabde. Why are you sad? You should be always happy now as there is a baby inside you. Your thoughts will affect your baby too. What will Pratap think if he sees you thus? Ajabde looks away. Massi asks her if she has not told Pratap yet. You dint do it right. What’s going on between you two? Ajabde replies that Pratap was so engrossed in Tulsidas ji and his devotion for Ram ji that I couldn’t tell him anything. Amma ji asks her if she wants her husband to leave her and become a sanyasi? Ajabde denies. I cannot even imagine life without him. I will die. I cannot understand what I should do!

Tulsidas ji addresses Pratap with his name. I am feeling much more happiness than what you are feeling right now. Pratap looks at him in shock (tearfully). You know my name? Tulsidas ji replies that not just me, one day the whole world will know you. Brave Pratap! Pratap is confused. I cannot understand anything. Lately, I have been feeling very restless. I felt as if there is no direction, no mission left in life anymore. I came to you to find out an answer for my questions. Please help me. Tulsidas ji nods. You will certainly get your answers if Shree Ram ji wants it. please take this Shiv ji’s Prasad. You are my relative. Pratap is all the more confused. Tulsidas ji explains that Pratap is from Ram ji’s lineage, and Ram ji is my everything. This way you are my relative. Pratap folds his hands politely. Please don’t make me so great my pointing out at the lineage. I am not that great. Tulsidas ji is not giving him respect just because he is from Ram ji’s lineage but I am doing so as you deserve it. pratap wants to talk to him for which Tulsidas ji agrees.

Massi tells Ajabde to do something. This is no time to cry. All men are like that. Every man falls for sanyas once in life. Make something nice for him and get dressed up nicely. Serve him food. Share the good news with him when he begins to eat his food. He wont think of anything else once you tell him. I am speaking with experience. Just follow my advice once and everything will be fine.

Pratap says I couldn’t understand the aim of my life till date but now I have understood what I want to do. Give me deeksha please. I want to dedicate my whole life in Shree Ram ji’s devotion just like you. Tulsidas ji respects his intentions. But not every path is for everyone, whether it is of devotion or of strength. So, one has to choose the path wisely that he / she wants to follow for life. Have you decided to follow this path only? Pratap affirms. Tulsidas ji points out that Pratap is married. Will your wife allow you to choose this path? Pratap replies that he has to take deeksha so why should he seek permission from his wife for it. Tulsidas ji talks about the rule. A married man has to seek permission from his wife while an unmarried man has to seek his mother’s permission. Scriptures allow only those who are completely free from all their responsibilities. Will your wife free you from your responsibilities?

Ajabde gets ready for Pratap.

Pratap says I know my wife really well. Every word that I say to her is like stone. She left all the luxuries of palace on my one hint and is moving around to places with me. Undoubtedly, she is a good wife who is dedicated to her husband in every true sense. Tulsidas ji agrees. Bring her to me then. I would like to hear it from her. Pratap leaves to bring Ajabde.

Tulsidas ji recalls Massi’s words and smiles looking at the mirror. She puts vermilion in her forehead. It is better to die rather than live without you Pratap. Ajabde is happily cooking food for Pratap. She also touches her belly in between and is all shy. Pratap comes home. He is surprised to see her all decked up. Is there something special? Ajabde dismisses it. you too look really happy today. is there some special news? Did you get a chance to meet Tulsidas ji? Pratap nods his head. You know me so well. There is another news which I want to share with you. She too says the same thing. But please eat first. He sits down to eat food. You had told me once that I will find out the aim of my life soon. I have found it. I am very happy today. Ajabde too wants to share a good news with him. I want to see your reaction. She gives him her swear, asking him to go ahead first. He gives in. I want to take deeksha. Ajabde is stunned.

Precap: Tulsidas ji asks Pratap if his responsibility is only limited to his family. You hold responsibility towards the entire mankind. I can see a very dangerous defeat in the process. You should leave for Chittor right away. Save your motherland.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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