Warrior High 19th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Utkarsh comes to corridor, a boy asks why he is upset. Utkarsh says he got sweets to eat. Ayaaz comes to thank Utkarsh for not taking his name. Utkarsh says it doesn’t mean he was doing fine. Ayaaz says this is school. Utkarsh says he got a punishment, he won’t get a dinner. Ayaaz says is this a punishment, Utkarsh says for him missing dinner is a punishment. Charlie comes there and asks Utkarsh of his friend is ready to fight. Utkarsh thinks Parth was caught because of him.
Siali opens a window and asks Niti to help her as this is the only way she can leave school. Niti says she won’t let her be an adventurer. A guard appears, Siali and Niti hide under the window. Siali says that this is too much Niti, I must leave.
Niti and Siali stop Utkarsh. SIali asks what happened. Utkarsh says it has been wind up, but he is worried about Maa; she must be hungry for years. Niti asks didn’t he took it from Sid. Utkarsh says he is such a misbehaving man, he said he will only return what Parth will defeat him. Siali says why is a match needed when the box is there’s. A boy comes to tell Utkarsh that Sid is calling him. Siali and Niti say they will come as well.
Ayaaz says that whoever will win, will get the box. Niti says what way is this but Ayaz says this is the way here. He asks who will be Sid’s partner, Charlie comes forward. Ayaz asks who would be Parth’s partner, everyone backs up. Parth says he doesn’t need a partner, he alone is enough. Ayaz says he has to, Utkarsh says he will be. Siali stops him saying it is boxing. Sid and Parth confront each other, Ayaz takes Sid to the ring. Siali asks Utkarsh why is he ready to fight. Utkarsh says Parth is doing so much for his maa, and here am I. Siali says she must talk to Sid and a fight isn’t needed. Utkarsh tells Siali to let him decide. Parth promise the girls that he knows what a mother’s love is, they must not worry he will let him get the box back. He goes to make a call.
Anvesha asks Urmilla what subjects Siddhardh has selected. Urmilla says Physics, Chemistry and Maths. Anvesha says is he so weak in academics, his interest is boxing, then why should they force him. Urmilla says he will study whole heartedly and will perform both in academics as well as boxing. Anvesha says they shouldn’t judge students, as far as she knows he won’t be interested. Urmilla says this is his own choice. Anvesha says she wants to talk to him. Sid comes to office, Anvesha asks him to sit down. She says he has chosen PCM, doesn’t he know he is weak in these subjects. SIddhard says he isn’t forced, it is his own choice. He looks at his mom and says he will try to do the best. Urmilla also promises that he will do the best. Anvesha looks at Sid’s and asks where is his bracelet. He finds it from his pocket, she tells him to tie on his right hand. She says this is his Karma, he should have it in his hand all the times. He leaves the office and finds Siali outside the office. She asks why is he not giving the box, when it was hers. He asks her to tell her friend be a man now. She says Utkarsh is an honest guy and honesty always win, Sid says she will herself see him being beaten. Siali begins to argue but he puts a finger on his mouth.
Urmilla asks the peon to recheck the forms, Angela’s is missing. Anvesha tries to convince Urmilla not to pressurize Siddhard for subjects he is weak in. Urmilla says Sid is her son and she knows his weaknesses well, he is capable and will do best in both. Anvesha says that he is her grandson as well, she has brought up only a single son but I am bringing up children for last 25 years; I don’t want to come between a mother and a son but being a grand mother and a principal, can give you better advice. The assistant comes in with forms, Urmilla jerks all the forms in anger saying what this lady thinks of herself. She asks the assistant to leave.
Siali tries to convince Utkarsh how can he be a part of Sid’s idiotics. A boy is hit by some others, Utkarsh goes to help him pick up his books. Anvesha comes nearer, and watches a same bracelet on Utkarh’s hand. She helps them too, and asks Utkarsh where he got this bracelet. Utkarsh says his friend gave it to him. She asks why he wore it on his right hand only. Siali repeats Anvesha’s words, that with their right hand they do all their work. Anvesha asks Siali’s name, Utkarsh corrects him saying she is Angela, Siali is her nick name. Angela is shocked to hear Utkarsh’s name. Urmilla comes to take her to meeting.

PRECAP: Rishab refuses Parth to make a call. Kamini tells Rishab she won’t let any responisibilty fell on a person who can’t handle her students. Siali still tries to stop Utkarsh from boxing.

Update Credit to: Sona

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