Maharana Pratap 12th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Maharana Pratap 12th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Akbar challenges US. I am not scared to meet you all alone and I hope you too are not scared to meet me on your own. Atleast show me that you are a Rajput after all. Pratap and all the courtesans take out their swords angrily. Aalim Khan is scared. I am just a messenger. They all realise that its Aalim Khan in front of them and not Akbar himself. Aalim Khan points out that the words are written by Akbar himself. The Rajputs are infuriated. Pratap requests them to think with a calm head. US dismisses Aalim Khan. Akbar will get my answer before today’s sun sets. Aalim Khan walks out of the court.

Akbar knows that the egos of the Rajputs will be hurt. US is also a Rajput after all. I am sure he will come to meet me. He explains it to his commanders. Rajputs use their hearts. They don’t use their brains. US is also a Rajput. He will come for sure.

Pratap warns his father against Akbar. He has laid a trap for us. We should not fall for it. US asks him if he doesn’t want him to give a fitting reply to Akbar. I am a true Rajput. He has challenged out bravery. Do you expect me to sit here calmly? Pratap says Akbar knows it too well that we get swayed by emotion when someone challenges us and hurts our ego. We start using our hearts instead of our brains to come to any decision then. He is doing that only with us. Rawat ji denies. Why is he proposing a meeting between both the army tents? Pratap is still put. It is Akbar’s ploy. He might want to get my father in his custody by cheating us or even kill him. Everyone is taken aback. Rawat ji says we will be on alert. Rana ji is anyways not going to his tent to meet him. Pratap replies that he knows Akbar a lot better than him. He is not what he seems to be. He has got that big Mughal empire by all the wrong means. For once I can think that he might not want to hurt my father but what will he say to him? You are mistaken to think that he has come here from Agra to talk to us. He has come to gain hold of Chittor and he will sit quietly after gaining his objective only. Friendly talks are actually an indirect hint for us to accept defeat in front of him and let him rule our motherland. He did the same with Raja Jaimal. Raja Jaimal too supports Pratap’s logic. Why is Akbar using such means when he has such a huge army with him? Pratap adds that Akbar lied to Raja Jaimal by talking to him about being friends. He got hold of your state by cheating. Ishar Das ji feels Akbar may want to work out on a decent compromise by talking to Rana ji. I feel we should give him one chance. Raway ji says wars are always destructive. We will have to bear a lot many losses in this war for which Mewar is actually not ready at the moment. We should make use of every opportunity to gain peace without fighting. Pratap knows that Akbar’s mission is to become Hindustan’s Shehanshah at any cost. DB takes US aside to talk about something important. Before leaving, US tells everyone to think on this matter. We will meet in a while.

DB is disturbed. I know I have no right to talk in between your political matters but I do want to say something today. He allows her. She talks about the side effects of war and how it never brings positive results for anyone (especially for the family members of the soldiers). We all know what happens after a war! Rani Karnawati did Jauhar with 13k women. Her sad memories are still here in every brick of the palace. I know you don’t want this to happen again. US too talks about Pratap’s point of view. Maybe Akbar is in no mind to make peace at all. DB prods him to meet Akbar once for their citizen’s sake. we should try every possible solution to help them. US thinks of the huge number of people who have come here to live in the fort.

Ajabde also feels DB is right. Pratap cannot understand why they are not able to see the real intentions of that snake (Akbar). I too don’t want my soldiers to die but there is no point expecting that Mughal to make peace. He wants to become Hindustan’s Shehanshah but I wont let that happen. Ajabde reasons that Akbar only wants to talk to them. it is up to us whether we want to accept it or not. we have been through this before as well. We were anyways not prepared for such a situation. We should opt for a peaceful compromise if we are getting such an option. He replies that he too would have chosen this option if he had to but it isn’t possible with Akbar. She knows that he wants to defeat Akbar as he doesn’t like him at all. But at time you have to think beyond your personal desires and think about the welfare of your state. He is taken aback. You mean if I am fighting this war to calm my personal desire of defeating Akbar? She tries to explain but he stops her from doing so. He turns to go when Maan and CK comes there. Maan too tells him to think about his nephew which is going to be born soon. Try to work out a peace proposal. He reasons that he is not getting in this war for any personal reason but for the citizens of Chittor, his soon to be born nephew and everyone. I don’t know why you all are thinking of me as a fool. My own family is not able to understand me. CK too talks about the peace proposal, the one ray of hope before the war! He gives up. I pray you don’t have to regret your decision.

Pratap thinks of his convo with Ajabde, Maan and the court convo as he walks inside his ancestors’ room. Why no one can understand what I am trying to say! Even my wife is unable to understand anything.

Akbar continues to feed Aalim Khan with all the meaty food. They are anxiously waiting for a reply. US will certainly come to meet me here.

US announces his decision. I will go to meet Akbar tomorrow afternoon to talk about peace. Pratap is still in his ancestors’ room only. US stamps the letter with the royal seal.

Akbar smiles after reading the letter. So the Rajputs have fallen in my trap after all. Now nothing can stop me from winning Chittor.

Precap: Pratap knows that Akbar is laying a trap for US. Why can anyone not see it? Why is father not understanding this fact that if he goes to meet that Mughal then probably he wont return alive from there ever? Akbar has told his commander to wait behind the trees. I will drop my hanky as soon as US comes. You can shoot him then and there itself.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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