Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 12th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 12th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with,vibhuti asks wat kind of question is this to ladu and he says it iis right and tells him the answer and anguri gets very happy and says tat I think ladu will only teach u and then vibhuti says tat my head is acheing I will come later and he comes home and says tat this maths is so tough and this ladu is very tough nut to crack and comes in anita and asks vibhuti where was he ,he says tat he went for a meeting and anita says tat I m happy tat ur working so sincerely and she then tells him some work and vibhuti says tat he has next meeting and has to make preparation and then anita lets him go .
Anita then calls ladu and asks if tiwari has taught him geometry and he says no when he will come he will ask him and hungs up anguri asks who was it and ladu tells it was anita bhabhi and she has taught tiwari brother geometry and anguri then says tat see how much ur brother does for u and comes in tiwari and ladu says to tiwari tat anita bhabhi called and told tat u r going to teach me geometry and tiwari then acts like he is not well and leaves and anguri thinks she is not understanding y is tiwari learning maths
Vibhuti is seen learning maths anguri comes on terrace and asks vibhuti if he is free and he gets happy and says yes he is free where are we going and anguri says no not out I will send ladu for tuitions and he says tat there are guests at home send him after 2 hours and then ladu comes and vibhuti asks him to start chapter 6 th but ladu says tat he has already finished with 6th chapter vibhuti then asks if u study then y u need tution and ladu says I need for tough questions vibhuti asks how did u passed till now ladu says tat a talented boy used to sit in front of me during exam I used to read his mind and write papers and pass but now a boy scoring less marks than me sits in front and then vibhuti says tat go and ask tiwari to teach u and ladu says tat he is just 8 th pass and then suddenly vibhuti gets and idea and asks ladu to go and play and he will pass with good marks
Tiwari comes to anitas house for tuitions anita is angry and asks tiwari she asked ladu tat have u taught him the geometry lessons and he said no y so and tiwari tells tat he forgot everything and so he didn’t teach him and in his mind he says I was only looking at yo and then anita asks him tat how is tat u forget I taught u so nicely and then tiwari says tat now u teach me I will keep in mind and teach him and anita then says tat not this way but now first she will take ur test after she teaches u and thenu will teach ladu and twari agrees and asks her to bring a glass of water she goes in to bring and he runs from there anita comes and doesnot see him and says both brothers are same.
Vibhuti meets the school teacher of ladu Bhudev and bribes him to pass ladu in exams the teacher gets so angry tat hits vibhuti with the stick he then goes to have tea and tiwari also comes there both tell each other tat they are hiding from bhabhiji coz they could not teach ladu maths and so now they decide to go home hididng as if anita or angur see them they will ask them to teach ladu and then they leave.
Anguri is talking to amaji about ladus maths problem and she sees tat ladu is going out to play and hungs up and stops ladu and asks him to study ladu says how will he study with out a tutor and she says yes u r right tiwari is busy in work and vibhuti is also not here how are u gonna pass and comes in anita and asks wats problem anguri says tat vibhuti said tat he will teach him math but he is not here anita says wat will vibhuti teach he doesnot know maths and anita then asks anguri wat if u get a female teacher and angur and ladu say yes it is fine and asks who is she and anita says tat she will teach ladu and everyone agress.
That night vibhuti and tiwari wear burkha to go home so tat no one could see them the rickshaw stops at their house and saxena sees them and asks rickshaw man who are they he does not answer and then saxena asks them wat are they doing here are they new here they should be safe as this area is not good coz the 2 people from these beside houses are very bad they will try their charm on u and vibhuti and tiwari get so angry listening to this tat they hit him very badly and go to their houses
Next morning anguri is seen watering plants and vibhuti sees her and hides behind rickshaw but the rickshaw man leaves and vibhuti is sitting in the middle of the road he doesnot knows tat the rickshaw is gone anguri sees him and calls him vibhuti get very shy when he notices tat anguri has seen him.

Anguri tells vibhuti tat her amaji is coming and she will stay here until she hears a good news of baby listening to this vibhuti gets angry and says this is disgusting this will not happen and anguri is seen vomiting amaji asks her wat happen she tells tat she is getting dry vomiting.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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