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Changezi is heading towards him and Pratap is all alert. Finally Changezi holds his feet and pulls him in the water. He holds him by the neck underwater.

Ajabde feels something and wakes up holding her neck. She is really tensed and even throwns the glass of water thinking about her dream. Phool wakes up with a start and gets worried. Ajabde is sure something bad is going to happen.

Changezi releases Pratap who is confused about what is it that is attacking him time and again. he is pulled in the water yet again. Changezi holds him and Pratap feels the electric touch.

Ajabde tells Phool that she saw a really bad / weird dream. I saw a really bad dream. I saw that I was underwater and was struggling to breathe. I am feeling really uneasy. Phool reminds her that she is in her room right now. You are not drowning in water. Maybe you would have thought about Pratap’s immense love for you while you were going to sleep and imagined things. Ajabde prays for Pratap and everyone’s safety. Phool is sure nothing will happen to Pratap. Don’t think too much. Sleep and let me sleep too. Ajabde is still feeling uneasy.

Pratap is still in Changezi’s grip who keeps touching him to shock him. pratap finally gets to see him as he is released by him. pratap recalls all the incidents when he had experienced Changezi’s weird touch. Changezi boasts that he himself is a weapon which has electric powers. What will you do now? He attacks Pratap yet again.

The soldiers come looking for Pratap. They notice some movements underwater and try to go in to see but retreat as they feel the current in water. They can see that Pratap is being attacked in water and go to inform Rana ji.

Pratap comes out of water but Changezi stabs him in his leg underwater. He then appears in front of Pratap. You cannot do anything to me here in water. This is my world. I have lived my life in here. He again pushes Pratap in the water and goes in as well. Once Pratap comes up again, he realises that he will have to bring Changezi on land anyhow as he cannot be killed in water. I have to get out of water asap.

Ajabde prays for Pratap’s safety. She decides to do Maha Mrityunjay jaap.

Pratap reaches ashore with great difficulty but Changezi holds his leg again. he feels the electric touch yet again. on the other hand, Ajabde is praying for Pratap. Pratap is not letting go of the rock he is holding onto and this irks Changezi all the more. pratap climbs up finally and pushes him in the water. Changezi looks at him in shock.

JB is arranging her puja thaal when US comes to wish her good morning. She is surprised and turns to look at him. Her open wet hair touch his face and he smiles. He is happy to come here unannounced as he would have not been able to see her like this otherwise. She feels shy. She reminds him that she has to make preps for Pratap’s return. He offers to help her. A soldier comes to tell US about Pratap. He is not out of the river as of now. The water is full of electric energy. US and JB are shocked. He goes to see what’s happening.

Pratap is badly hurt and is not able to get up or move around. changezi stands behind him and says I was born here to die only but I wont go before killing you. Pratap turns to look at him and gets up to face him. changezi holds his hands but Pratap is not able to feel any electric waves. He realises that because of the dirt he is not able to feel it. he pushes Changezi and covers himself with more dirt. He attacks Changezi this time.

Daasi tells the servants to make preps for Rana ji’s departure as he has to go to the riverside. DB hears the commotion and asks the daasi about it. she is happy to know that Pratap has been attacked by someone.

Pratap is in thinking mode all the while as he fights with Changezi. Changezi is using his nails to hurt Pratap. Pratap falls down on the ground while saving himself. He notices a big branch and pulls it as soon as Changezi steps on it. changezi falls because of it and Pratap gets up. He holds the branch in his hand as his weapon. He puts it around Changezi’s neck and then keeps pulling / throwing him around using it.

DB comes to scare JB. Don’t you think Pratap has been cursed by someone? His wedding is bringing much more bad news for him. how can someone be affected when he goes to take a dip in the river? This happens only when even God doesn’t want that person to marry some unsuitable person. JB tells her to stop talking rubbish. No one can be better than Ajabde for Pratap. DB continues to talk against Ajabde. Why is Pratap’s life still in danger even after the haldi ritual? JB knows that she wants her to believe her words and consider Ajabde to be the wrong choice for her son. It isn’t so. Truth is you are the mastermind behind all the plotting. Whether it is about AJabde’s kundli or about the missing sword or about the poisonous haldi – you are responsible for it. if I get to know that you are behind this attempt (at the river) then I wont sit quietly. This is not just a warning. DB isn’t affected by any of it.

Pratap beats Changezi using the branch. US and Rawat ji reach there with some soldiers. Pratap continues to beat Changezi but stops them from coming forward. This man has strong electricity flowing in him. you all wont be able to fight with him. I am able to fight with him as I am all covered in dirt. Pratap beats Changezi till he gets unconscious. He hugs his father who is worried to see the scratches on his hand. He tells Rawat ji to call the Vaid ji. He has already done it. US looks angrily at Changezi and realises that this was the guy who troubling Pratap. He orders Rawat ji to take him to some specific room to torture him so that he blurts out who has sent him. the soldiers try to make him stand. He pushes them and Pratap throws Rawat ji’s dagger at him on instinct. Changezi dies on the spot. US feels that he did this intentionally so that Pratap kills him and he does not have to reveal who sent him. pratap feels pity for him as he already knows who sent him. he dint say anything but he used rose’s perfume to hide the smell of his skin. US realises that Mughals had sent him. Pratap affirms it.

Akbar finds some people on his way who are busy arranging some stuff in their carts. He is angry at them for stopping their way. He orders Nasir to push them aside. Nasir tells the same to his soldiers who pushes everyone in a corner to make way for their Shehanshah. Akbar likes some shawl that one of the guys was holding. He caresses it and recalls a past memory where his Ammi was caressing a shawl lovingly. She had tears in her eyes and he was curious to know what is hurting her. her favourite shawl got torn and she was sad about it. He had promised to bring many more such shawls for her. She tells him that this was a special shawl. It is Pashmina shawl. Your Abbu had brought it for me from Kashmir. You don’t get to go there. A similar shawl can come but the past memories will not be there. The guy tells Akbar that he unfortunately he cannot give him this shawl as it has been already sold along with all his other stuff. Akbar tells Nasir to explain it to him that he wants this shawl at any cost. The guy talks about the buyer who is not some ordinary person. Akbar is sure the guy will back out if he gets to know that Shehanshah-e-hind Akbar is interested in buying this shawl. The guy knows that his buyer will certainly not back off after knowing that even as all this is going for Pratap’s wedding. Akbar is stunned by the news. Pratap is getting married? Nasir gets angry on the guy but Akbar stops him. he returns the shawl to that guy who leaves with his men and carts. Akbar wants to celebrate Pratap’s long due defeat in his wedding.

US comes and tells JB that there is nothing to worry. He is perfectly fine and will come after his wounds are taken care of. Pratap comes there and JB hugs him. he assures her that he is alright. US tells her how Pratap not just saved himself from that eerie attacker but has killed him as well. I only want that he should focus on his wedding now. JB declines. I wont sit quietly till I get to know who is behind this attack. Pratap comments that Mughals cannot attack him from the front so they send some random guy to stab me in the back. Don’t worry Mughals will take a lot of time to actually attack us for a big war. US, JB and Pratap go to do some puja. DB is yet again disappointed.

Pratap removes the bandage and tells Chakrapani to hide his wounds properly. Chakrapani is worried for him as he is giving himself much more pain this way. He doesn’t want Ajabde to feel any pain when she looks at him. You know how restless / sad she will be if she notices these many wounds on my body. I know someone will anyways tell her about the incident.

US is against DB’s suggestion of sending the news of Pratap’s attack in Senthil palace. I cannot do it. I want you to end this topic here only. She insists as by hiding this piece of information things will not end here. We have hurt Akbar yet again by killing his guy. You think he will forget it easily? He will definitely come back to attack Pratap. Luckily Pratap got saved this time but are you sure that Pratap wont be attacked again? I feel that you should tell Mamrak ji about it so that he gets alert. If you allow me then I will send him this message. He agrees. She gets happy. She wants to show JB that now many inauspicious things will happen. Ajabde wont be able to stop herself after hearing about the attack. A girl shouldn’t go out after her haldi is done. This is the biggest inauspicious thing that can happen to anyone.

Vinayak sthapana puja preps are going on is going on. JB notices VB staring at Ganpati’s idol. Chakrapani explains the significance of Vinayak sthapana. DB comes and taunts VB as she has used the wrong hand to give supari to pandit ji. US comes there too. Pandit asks for paan leaves and VB gives it to him. But he is surprised at how soon she has forgotten all the customs when she got married very recently. VB feels bad. JB explains how VB got married in haste. She is not to be blamed here. US asks for Pratap and DB offers to bring him along.

Pratap gets ready. He feels someone’s presence and holds his dagger. He notices someone outside his window. It is a woman (Ajabde). She has covered her face with a shawl and steps inside Pratap’s room from the window. He tells her to stop wanting to know who she is. He is surprised to see Ajabde as she removes her shawl. She was right in thinking that he would be doubly prepared this time in case someone tries to attack him. he closes the window and asks her what is she doing here. She recalls how Phool had told her about the attack. Ajabde had immediately left from there as she wanted to see if he is fine or not. Phool reminds her that it is wrong to meet your groom once your haldi is done. Ajabde reminds her of what she only had told her. there is nothing called auspicious or inauspicious. You have to handle it. Phool was worried but Ajabde had made up her mind so she came here to see him. Flashback ends. Pratap talks about their elders’ belief in traditions. She knows it too but she wanted to see him once. He wonders what if his Rani Ma gets angry on them for this. She keeps looking at him and understands that he is cleverly trying to hide his wounds so that she doesn’t feel bad. He denies. she wants to know why he thought to hide his wounds from her. Am I this weak? He tries to lighten the atmosphere but she wants to see his wounds. He indicates the places where he has been hurt. She has tears in her eyes.

Phool keeps talking to the empty room pretending to talk to Ajabde. Hansa knocks at the door. Ajabde has to go take a bath. Phool continues talking to imaginary Ajabde. Uma Devi finds something fishy and goes from there. Phool tells Hansa Massi that Ajabde is scared. Uma Devi peeks in from the window and gets to know that AJabde is not there in the room. She is happy with DB for doing it brilliantly.

DB too peeks in from the window and notices Ajabde in Pratap’s room. She is happy that this time her plan was successful.

Hansa asks Ajabde to come out. It is high time now. Uma Devi tells Hansa that Ajabde is not inside. She asks Phool to open the door. phool opens the door sadly.

Ajabde feels better now that she has seen him. I will go now. He assures her that all these injuries are normal. They will be fine very soon don’t worry. DB has brought JB along with her as she knows JB doesn’t trust her. DB opens the door and Ajabde and Pratap look at them in shock.

Precap: Hansa asks Phool if Uma Devi is right. Has Ajabde gone to meet Pratap: Phool affirms. Mamrak ji wants to know what has Ajabde done this time. US has seen Ajabde too. He calls Mamrak ji and Hansa Bai to his palace immediately. DB wants to go to any lengths to ruin Ajabde’s fate.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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