Hamari Sister Didi 11th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Amrita tells Karan that she will clear all the payment of Avinash. Karan tells her to make sure the payment is done. Dimple says that she will wait for till 12, Amrita tells her to leave. Avinash’s wife argues, but Amrita says that she must not worry. Malika and Mehr come there, and make fun of Karan’s anger. Amrita say that they must collect charity. Malika suggests about making a video for asking about the charity. They shoot for the video, asking about the charity to be put in the box in OPD to help Avinash. People donate money for them. Karan and Dimple notices the box. The inspector also puts money in the box, Malika comes to thank him. Mehr asks him to donate generously, he puts all the money in his wallet into the box and laughs.
Amrita was worried and asks Malika is the amount sufficient. Avinash’s wife was worried, they watched the clock; as it struck 12 Amrita calls for the donation box. Dimple comes to Karan in his cabin. The sisters count the money, while Amrita prays for the money sufficiency. They count the money to be 13000, and still less with 10,000. Karan comes with Dimple, he says he wants to say how long it all goes on. Malika says she is sorry, this is all the money. Dimple says that I am sorry too. They all turn around to face Karan and Dimple, Dimple says that she has given her sufficient time. Amrita asks what about emergency funds, Dimple says that those funds are for emergency cases. Malika stops Amrita, but she says they are throwing Avinash out of the hospital. She takes off her ear-pins to donate. She brings them to Dimple, and says that the arrangement for now has been done. Karan shouts at her that this is enough, is she Mother Terressa. He says to Amrita that she can’t save anyone every time, she is here to look after people, she isn’t able to do that. Amrita asks him to calm down. He asks she wants him to calm down? and what about the drama she has created? She asks why he thinks so, because of that patient’s name, it isn’t about that. Karan says that your first responsibility is towards yourself, your children and your future. She says that everything will happen, but she can’t bear the shame that a patient is rusticated from the hospital because of unavailability of money. She asks him to take her ear-rings which will be sufficient for his next three days treatment. Dimple argues, but Karan says she has three days only. Amrita says the world can change in three days only, she has been given three days. Karan leaves, while Amrita places the earpins on Dimple’s hand. Everyone claps. Dimple leaves as well. Amrita stops everyone. She laughs and says that they all know Dr. Karan doesn’t like noise.
Kaka made tea while Karan comes in his office in great anger. Kaka places his cup. Karan asks in which world she lives? The patient will even forget her name. Kaka says that the air here has something. He tells him that there is a Bua ji in our hospital, no one knows where she came from. They patients might forget Amrita but they will always remember Sister Didi. A child comes in, and asks Karan the spellings of Angel. He writes Angel Sister Didi on his card. The boy asks him is his writing good? He smiles that it is good, and even smiles when she is gone.

Dadi played cards with Sooraj. Khushi was looking at her eye-brows shape in mirror. Dadi mama comes to ask why she is lost. She says mama is her biggest problem, she doesn’t alow her to go to parlour. Khushi says that she wants plucking from parlour. Dadi mama says that she doesn’t need this. Khushi says that she is just like her mama, Dadi mama laughs and takes her kit from her bag. She makes the shape of her eyebrows with eye-shadow. Khushi is relieved and thanks Dadi mami, hugging her.

Amrita notices comment cards for her on each bed. She reads them and asks who did this. Malika points at Avinash’s children. She says that doctor uncle will be angry watching them, she will place them at home. Sooraj calls Amrita that Dadi mama came to school and says that she is still here. Amrita cries that mummy ji accepted children now, you must see this Avinash.

PRECAP: Khushi complains dadi mama that their mother is saying they can’t stay here, though she is leaving just tomorrow. Dadi mama takes her phone, and tells Amrita strictly that the children will stay here today.

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