Maharana Pratap 11th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Maharana Pratap 11th November 2013 Written Episode, Maharana Pratap 11th November 2013 Written Update

PD tries to go out of bundi but the security dnt allow her n she’s disturbed n worried for dudha.

In,. Mewar, Pratap was disturbed with y sarang is behaving like that, he goes in the stable n try to control it, but it got more out of control, pushes pratap n ran out, pratap n sum soldiers trying to control it, there uday was discussing bundi matter with his ministers n hear the sounds, he with jaiwanta n bhatyani came to see wats going on, one of the soldier ask udai to use force on horse but he ask pratap to do it but pratap denies, the horse it getting out of control n pratap dnt wanna use force, its hurting soldiers, udai thus order to use force n get it in control, soldiers did it, before that bhatyani taunt jaiwanta that like jaiwanta n pratap the horse is also missing the village but jaiwanta handles it, udai says that pratap’s heart over shadow his mind sumtimes, he came to pratap n says that its an animal n gets out of control sumtimes n thy have to use force.

In bundi, preparations started for dudha’s punishment, krishna has fulfaith that sakha veer will surely came to save him but PD knows that he won’t be able to make it n she’s disturbed, krishna ask her if she knows him , krishna says that he’ll surely cum, PD says wat if he’s not from bundi hw will he get to know of all this, it clicked krishna n she goes to give him signal with the crackers SV game her.
In mewar, diwali preps are on, bhatyani is getting ready but at the same time she got the news that jaiwanta is going to sit in the puja n she got irritated more n ask kokoi to make her ready more, other side, udai got bangles for bhatyani n leaves to gift her but on his way, he saw jaiwanta getting ready, he got mesmerized by her simple beauty, he walk towards her, she dnt notice him at yet, as she take her duppata it goes on him n thy r inside the duppata, eye locked , after few secs, jaiwanta ask him y he came here n he gifted those bangles to her, she was happy n bhatyani seeing all this is jealous Puja starts here , n on other side, krishna fire those crackers, udai call pratap n as he was coming to him he saw those crackers n guessed it that sum1 is in danger, firstly he thought it was krishna, he immidiately goes to sarang n make it ready n then it clicked him that if krishna is in danger how cum she fire it, then he guessed it must be dudha, in bundi, surtan saw it n guessed that its a signal for SV n he’s from outside bundi, here every1 waiting for pratap n bhatyani goes to call hm.

Precap: Pratap is doing puja wth family, he was worried n praying for dudha n counting minutes to leave, there dudha brought to punish, here as pratap abt to leave udai stops him.

Update Credit to: Amor

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