Maharana Pratap 10th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Maharana Pratap 10th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ajabde orders daasi’s to make sure the people of Bijolia get the all the needful things for agricultural purposes. I have called someone to bring fireworks for Ravan Dahan. He must be coming anytime now. Take him to puja place as soon as he comes. Hansa tells Ajabde to have curd before meeting her brother. You think Fatta will be the right guy to be sent to Bijolia? I think it would be much more appropriate to actually separate Bijolia from Chittor. Wouldn’t it be so? Ajabde tells her not to doubt her brother. Hansa tells her how Fatta’s father had died in a war while fighting along with US. Mewar forgot everything after our ties broke with them. Mewar has completely forgotten the sacrifices mad be Fatta’s father and of many more other soldiers too. Their families are yearning for basic necessities. Will Fatta go to Chittor after bearing all this? will he to go that same Rana US to deliver your message?

CK is surprised to see Pratap making the necklace all over again. Your mother taught you this? He declines. her absence taught me this. CK says I am so scared of my Rani Ma that I am not able to learn anything from her. You are lucky that your Rani Ma is not with you. He shushes her. your Rani Ma is the best Ma in this world. You just don’t have to be scared of her. why do you need to be scared of anyone anyways when Pratap is your brother. It doesn’t suit you to feel scared of someone like normal girls. VB comes to invite both of them for Ravan Dahan.

Ajabde knows Fatta is sensitive which is why I have been tying Rakhi to him. he will surely respect it. He will take message to Chittor as well if I will request him for it. Hansa had stopped going against her decisions long back. I cannot do so today too. I am only worried for your respect. Hope CHittor’s rulers don’t hurt you again this time. It cannot be that all our messages have not reached Rana US at all. But yes, it can be that even after getting all those messages he would have chose to ignore them or have not even let it reach Pratap’s ears. Ajabde says they haven’t hurt their respect but heart. She recalls Pratap’s harsh words. Hansa understands her feelings. Ajabde takes her leave. She goes and sits in her palki. Hansa prays to God to do justice with Ajabde.

Ajabde comes to meet Fatta at his house. She is irked to see the mess in his house and starts setting it right. She scolds him for the same when he comes there and starts hitting him lightly with a stick. He runs around to save himself. She orders him to stay in the room outside their palace with Ma. He talks about taking care of their border from the attackers. She knows everything that he has done with the Afghan soldiers. You did everything intentionally and wanted to fight with them. he is surprised as to how she knows this. She remarks that she gets to know everything beforehand. What was the need to risk your life like this? you know you don’t hear anybody once you get angry. Keep calm. He has done everything carefully. Those Afghans cannot come in their territory now. I have beaten them so badly that they had to run away to save themselves. I thought to do some exercise. She talks of another exercise for him, of going to Chittor. He is taken aback. She wants him to take her message to Chittor. He wonders if she is sending a message regarding her Gauna. She doesn’t like this joke of his and tells him thus. He declines to go there. I wont step my foot where my jija was disrespected, where our sacrifices have gone all waste.

All the preps for Ravan Dahan are done in Chittor. People chant praises for Pratap. His family members smile happily.

Ajabde talks about motherland which is like a mother for everyone. How can we think of dividing our mother in pieces? If we will do that then the land will actually become someone else’s who is waiting for an opportunity at our border. What will happen tomorrow when the entire Afghan army will come to attack on us? We all will have to stay together. This is why I want you to go to Chittor with my message. He wants to know where Pratap was till now. What did he do with our past messages that we have sent till date? She is not sure about the fact if Pratap has really received those messages. We cannot know anything by staying here. This is why I want you to go meet him personally. I have full faith that Hukum (Pratap) will be always ready for their motherland. He agrees to go for her sake. He refuses to take her along with him. she explains that she will stay in his heart. My well wishes, feelings and my instructions will go with you. Fatta doesn’t want any instructions. She wants him to be patient this time as not everything can be done his way. He nods.

DB tells soldier to be super alert as the crowd will be a little too much today. He vows to keep his eyes open. He goes inside to call Jagmal and DB’s daasi.

Jagmal is enjoying torturing the soldier who had told him about Pratap doing Ravan Dahan this time. He has tied the soldier to a pole and has gagged him. the soldier looks dead scared of him.

Pratap greets the people by folding his hands. Fatta reaches there too. He gets impatient, angry but recalls his promise to his jija. You wont let any negative thoughts come to your mind. You will be all positive till the end. Fatta praises his jija. Without coming with me you have said so much to me that this Fatta isn’t the old Fatta anymore. I am stuck in this crowd for no reason.

CK holds her brother’s hand in fear. Pratap understands that she is scared of Ravan. You say Rani Ma calls you a coward. If you will act like this then she will say it more strongly. If Jagmal was here then he wouldn’t have ran away. you too must come.

Jagmal throws kerosene oil on the soldier. You too will turn into the burning effigy of Ravan really soon. but how will I enjoy it? He removes the clothe piece from that soldier’s mouth who immediately starts shouting for help while Jagmal laughs maniacally. DB is looking for Jagmal. Jagmal lights the dry grass around that soldier. The guy shouts for help. DB comes there. He tells her to take part in his Ravan Dahan too. He wonders why she is not with her favourite son. She tries to scare him by saying that US will get angry on him but he doesn’t mind it at all. Let him be angry. It doesn’t matter to me as he is busy praising Pratap all the time. She tells him to grow up. I do so much for you but you always find it less. Jagmal is angry with her for insulting him in front of everyone. She does it so that everyone else feels she loves Pratap more than anyone else. I do it only for the betterment of yours and my future. Why don’t you understand this much? Do you want to stand behind Pratap all your life or want to sit on the throne after Rana ji? Don’t you want to be the heir of Mewar? He wants it too. I too want to be respected and love. she assures him that it will happen. No issues if people don’t love you. I am also happy if people are scared of you. I have done great penance. I promise the result will be as per your expectations. He nods at her gratefully. They both go out. Its all smoky and dark where the soldier was tied.

Pratap asks his father as to why is he not doing Ravan Dahan this time. Why did you break this tradition today? US and Rawat ji are together in this. Rawat ji announces the same in front of Chittor’s people. Pratap is still in a state of disbelief. He finally agrees to do it but wants to wait till Rani Ma comes there. Just then DB comes there with Jagmal. US points out to Pratap that he cannot make any other excuse now. Pratap nods.

Fatta tries to move forward but people push him back rudely. He is doing his best to keep his anger in check. This time he politely requests the soldiers to allow him to go. one of the guy suggests him to stand in the queue of people amongst whom Rana US will distribute gifts. Fatta refuses to take any gift. The man is confused. You said you wanted to meet him? fatta looks at him.

Ajabde and Saubhagyawati are making preps for puja. Ajabde has got Saubhagyawati made special Prasad this time. Saubhagyawati teases her about it. there must be something special today as you have asked for this special Prasad this time. Ajabde agrees. I have sent a message to Hukum for Bijolia’s betterment. I wish that he pays attention to it this time and sends help to us or else the problem will grow big real soon. it will become really tough for us to handle it then. So today is special if we think about it. saubhagyawati asks her if she has no other thing in mind. Don’t you have any other expectation from this visit of Fatta to Chittor? Ajabde turns to the other side. Saubhagyawati tells her to accept it that she is still hopeful that pratap can come here too if this mission is successful. Ajabde looks worried. I feel that we bear all the pains but there is a hope always. Heart says nothing will happen but the hope says something will happen. Saubhagyawati suggests her against it. faith breaks when expectations break. Ajabde knows it too but what to about our heart!

CK is again scared. Pratap wants her to come with him. all your fears will go away when you will see me shooting an arrow at Ravan. She declines so he decides to make her do it. he requests DB’s permission to take CK with him. US too doesn’t mind it. Jagmal too wants to come along. Pratap assures CK that Jagmal wont trouble her at all. CK looks worried but Jagmal promises her for the same. People cheer for Pratap as all three of them hear towards the area from where they will shoot arrows.

Fatta cannot wait anymore. He again thinks of his jija’s words. He is really unable to go against whatever Ajabde had said and mutters to himself. The same guy notices him talking to himself. He is surprised when her words stop echoing in his head. People start laughing at him seeing him thus. Fatta too laughs with them. he starts moving forward but the soldiers stop his way. He gets back to his own self. Go tell Pratap that there is someone in this crown who doesn’t praise him. people are surprised to hear him.

Pratap wants CK to do Ravan Dahan this time. I will guide you. She is hesitant but he reassures her that he wont leave her side. we will aim in a way that the arrow hits the right spot where we want to. We will hit him in his navel. Jagmal calls CK a coward. Why are you wasting your time on her? pratap thinks differently. Cowards are those who do all the wrong stuff by pretending to be strong. Their acts prove them coward. Where were you till now? Jagmal answers in a roundabout manner. Next Pratap picks up the bow and arrow and aims at the Ravan. He signals CK to take his place. Right then the soldier comes wanting to tell something to Pratap. Pratap wants CK to hold the bow and arrow for a while. I will be back soon. she is all scared but he assures her he is here only. He makes Jagmal stand with CK and goes aside to talk to the soldier.

The soldier tells him about the guy who is talking against him. I will catch him if you allow me to. Pratap tells him against it. I myself am fed up of people praising me all the time. Its good I have finally got to meet someone who thinks differently.

Jagmal changes the angle as per his liking. CK is all the more scared. She closes her eyes in fear all the while requesting him not to do it. jagmal wants to hit at the place which will cause stampede. I will get to enjoy finally. He finally shoots the arrow but at the point which was actually holding back the Ravan in its place. Everyone is shocked to see that Ravan’s effigy is about to fall any minute. People start running to save themselves. A kid falls down in the process. Fatta too looks at everything in shock. US calls out for Pratap. Jagmal is happy to see all the drama. Pratap runs and holds the effigy in time. Soldiers pick up the boy. CK had followed him too. He moves away and drops the effigy but CK gets stuck quite close to the burning effigy. She shouts for help. Pratap jumps in and saves her in time. Everyone is relieved to see CK safe. US hugs both of them. Jagmal scolds CK. I had told you not to leave the arrow till dada bhai is not back. Why did you do it then? CK tries to speak but he doesn’t let her. even DB scolds her. pratap tells her to stop. She fakes to be worried for him. he takes the blame on himself. I had stepped aside to talk to the soldier when this incident happened. CK’s hand is burnt. He takes her to Vaid ji with him. before leaving, he tells his father to finish the rest of the customs. People wait for it for a whole year. They should not return with bad memories. US nods.

US distributes gifts amongst everyone. Fatta too takes a gift from him. US blesses him. fatta turns to go but stops. Forgive me but I haven’t come here to take this gift. I have come to meet Pratap. Soldier tells him to move aside. Pratap doesn’t meet anyone like that. He tries to push Fatta but he frees his hand. He even throws the gift away. why should I take it when we don’t have our basic rights even? US gets angry at him for speaking to him like this. who are you? Fatta gives his intro. My name is Fatta, I only fight and I am from Bijolia. Everyone is taken aback.

Precap: US orders his soldiers to catch Fatta. Fatta runs away from there. He even sends a message to AJabde through his pet pigeon. She is shocked to realise that Hukum has declined to help them. she decides to go to Chittor.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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