Beintehaa 10th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Beintehaa 10th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rehan warns Aaliya not to go out of his without his permission, else he will not her divorce her and asks her to unpack her bag. Aaliya says she thought he is her friend, but she is wrong. She believes Zain madly but did not listen to him when he showed your true colors, but made a mistake. Rehan asks her not to call Zain near his home as his children and dad stay with him, if he comes, he will not divorce her. He get Surayya’s call who invites him for a feast and accepts her invitation. He informs Aaliya about this. She says she will not go with him. He says he already told her that she is his wife now and will have to obey him. Aaliya says his actions are proving that all allegations against him are true.

Surayya asks Zain what happened in police station. Zain says what you said is right, Rehan is behind Bilal’s kidnapping and he even bailed out kidnappers. He says he is worried about Aaliya now and made a big mistake by marrying Aaliya to him. He asks Surayya why did she get afraid with Qazi saheb’s words and let Rehan marry Zain. Bilal asks him to call Aaliya as he is worried about her. Zain calls her and asks if she is fine and if Rehan is not troubling her. Aaliya cries and says don’t know what happened to Rehan, he has changed a lot. Zain asks what did he do. She says she was packing her bags when he came and said until she is his wife, she has to obey him, else he will not divorce her and also warned that Zain should not come near his home. Zain asks her not to worry as he will come there now and settle everything. Aaliya asks him not to come as they have to think practically and get divorce soon.

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Aaliya in the morning reminisces Rehan’s words sadly. Rehan’s children see her crying and wipe her tears. They see Rehan coming and tell him that mom is ill. He asks them to go to their room and play. He then asks Aaliya if she is ready to attend Surayya’s feast. She asks if he wants to go there to make Zain feel jealous and says she will not go there.

Shaziya waits for Rehan and Aaliya for a feast and says she is very hungry. Bilal jokes with her. Rehan and Aaliya reach Surayya’s house and wish Surayya salaam. Surayya smiles and says she knew they would come. Rehan says as an employee he had to come. Surayya says after marrying Aaliya, she is his aunt now and can call her maami/aunt. Shaziya sees Aaliya looking all around and asks if she is looking for Zain, shouts Zain’s name. Zain comes and Aaliya tries to go near him, but Rehan stops her. Zain sees him holding her hand and tries to intervene, but Nafisa stops him. Surayya invites them for dinner table and says they can talk after dinner. They all sit on dinner table. Surayya says hope they will like food as she is preparing it for the first time after Usman’s death. She then says Rehan that he is now her damad/SIL and should taste her house’s salt. He tastes food and says now after tasting her food, he has to pay for it, says she prepares tasty food and fools people also. Surayya asks when did she fool him. Rehan says he will show her what he means. He takes out papers and says usually after marriage, husband researches on his wife, but he has dedicated his day for her. He calls someone and asks them to come in. Kidnappers come in. Bilal says these are the people who kidnapped me. Everyone gather around goons.

Rehan says these are the same goons who kidnapped Bilal and had kept him hostage in a disputed property for which he is fighting the case. He asks Zain if he wants to know whom they were calling and who hired them to kidnap Bilal and says it is Surayya Abdulla. Surayya gets tensed and Zain shockingly looks at her.

Precap: Rehan says Aaliya that he stood behind her when Zain left her and she believed Zain than him. He gives her first divorce.

Update Credit to: MA

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