Maharaja Ranjit Singh 27th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Maharaja Ranjit Singh 27th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Ranjit runs after the hen. He recalls Lakhpatrain telling Mahan about Sikh people being attacled. He runs after the hen madly. Veer says anger doesn’t get you anything. A leader should be calm. Ranjit says but those sikhs were calm and peaceful too. Then why were they killed? Why doesn’t enemy understand the language of peace. Veer says that hen is still out of your reach. Can i expect if you would catch it or not? Ranjit changes his strategy. He goes towards the hen with some feed and says come eat it. The hen comes towards him. Ranjit tries to catch it but it runs. Ranjit stands up. He runs after the hen and catches it finally. Everyone claps.

Ranjit says I don’t have time. We should start the next task today. A guy shoves him. Ranjit says what is this? Veer says this is the way you fight with enemies that come as your friends. Ranjit says like Ghulam? He is trying to befriend with father.
Veer says Ghulam? Ranjit says you know him? Veer asks his men to blindfold Ranjit and take him out.

Mahan meets Ghulam and says what you said turned out to be truth. Ghulam says at least you trusted us. Mahan says today I called you here for dialogues, You might win our trust or might not.
Ghulam says there is a lot of information I want to give you about Auto Ives. He says we have to be careful. Auto Ives has his eyes on our lands. Lakhpatrain comes and says something to Mahan. Mahan stands up and says carry on I will meet you all later. Ranjit says how can this go on without you? Mahan says Jai is here to look after things.
Ghulam says Auto Ives has bigger plans. Ranjit says everyone knows how conspirators Britishers are. But why would they share things with you ghulam?

Scene 2
Mahan comes to a place. Someone says Sardar Mahan.. Mahan says who are you? Veer’s voice says I am your well wisher. I am someone who can give life for this land. The man who came to you as a friend Ghulam is just your friend. Mahan says how can you say that? Veer says because I know him very well. He is with Britishers not you.
Gurwaksh says Ranjit is right. Jai says Ghulam will have to answer that.
Ghulam says good question Ranjit. While shaking hands with Aurtoives we promised them to give our army to them. hope things are clear.
Mahan says then Ghulam warned us. And it happened. Veer says that was his game. He hates you and wants to kill you and your people. Mahan says why should I trust you? Veer says but who are you?
Veer says the soldier of this land. Mahan says stop but Veer runs.
Jai says thank you Ghulam you have warned us. Gurwaksh says you are right. Ghulam says would you shake hands with us then? Ghulam and Gurakwaksh walk towards each other and are about to hug. Mahan comes in and says stop brother. Mahna says these are the people who hug you with one hand and stab you with the other. Ghulam is a traitor and will always be.
Ghulam says on one hand you shake hands of friendship and with other hand this? Mahan says I was wondering why you suddenly want to be friends with us. I came accross truth on right time. Ghulam says don’t let this misunderstanding come between us. Someone is doing this because they are jealous of our friendship.
Mahan says our Sikh brothers are killed and this Ghulam is part of it. Everyone tried to stop me. Ranjit tried to stop me too. But I thought he might have changed but that’s not how it is. Ghulam says you are thinking wrong.
Mahan says you are a traitor and that’s the truth. Ghulam says Mahan Singh.. Ranjit says Sardar Mahan Singh. Thats is what you call him. Mahan says go back to where you came from Ghulam. Ghulam leaves.

Veer is riding his horse. He says I salute your wisdon Mahan singh. Now I know where Ranjit got this wisdom from. NO one can harm us till you are here.
Ghulam is going back. He says today I failed to stab you in back but I will come back.

Scene 3
Gurwaksh say to Sada thank God on time Ranjit and Mahan recognized that traitor Ghulam.
Mehtab comes there. Gurwakhs looks at her and smiles. Mehtab says why are your eyes teary? Gurwaksh says no no they are not. When you were young and small I used to carry you and said this is my Mehtab. My daughter. My pride. I didn’t know how you grew up so fast.
Mehtab hugs them both and says I am your daughter. How do I look? He says very pretty. She says mom got these jewelry made for me for Besakhi. I am going to meet Ranjit to show him no one has jewelry like mine.
Gurwaksh says to Sada I want to say something.. I can never do what you do for Mehtab. You train her as a sword fighter and then buy her these jewelry. I am sure Ranjit will be equally proud of Mehtab like I am of you. She says what do you mean? Ranjit and Mehtab?
Mehtab says I have to ask mom to fix my hair.
Gurwaksh says they both know each other. I think we should change this friendship in relationship. We can’t find a better guy for her in whole Punjab than Ranjit.

Precap-Ghulab says one fight between me and Ranjit. Roop says to Raj Ranjti will succeed in everything. When they come home Sahib beats her. Sada and Raj come in.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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