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abhi and pragya both told their love to each other,while they hear some one clap sound ofcourse its our purab he came told to abhi that bhai again my eyes told me that you and bhabhi are told their love and your too proposed herr tell me bhai its wrong na abhi smiling and said that mere bhai why you eyes are always tell wrong to you this time its true only for all time its true but i only can’t understand about your eye
and both abhi and pragya hugged him.and he leaves then abhi ask pragya then she also ask then he come close to her and said your eyes make me flopped pragya and she smiles was about to move but he holds her waist and she hits in his chest and both fall down sanam re song plays in background.suddenly the bell ring both came into sense and pragya runs to her class,all of her friend ask about where is she for sometime she said in slow voice with seniour they courously what that seniour what he told he scold you come we will never leave they ask pragya to go but she stops and said i want to tell you something,they ask what she said i,they said you, she said i, they said you,suddenly ananya said arey maa tell me na.suddenly a voice said we both are in love and we told each other today only.

they all gets shocked and turn to see whose voice is this yaar its our abhi he came and holds pragyas waist she closes her eye with his touch.suddenly she came back to normal,they said you both guys and suddenly another voice said haan they both, its our purab,they all said so you also know this he replied just now i know and came hear for your reaction all hugs pragya and said we are happy for u my friend and all friend hugs her but pragya holds abhis hand and didn’t leave they all broke the hug and said we already told yo about you and seniour feeling but you didn’t mind that time see na what happened arey pragya was in love.and after that abhi went pragya wit him said to his friend that they all meet in bus stop then he fix her in wall and ask her that when will you fall for me she replied suddenly that in our first day and first meeting in our bus,only our eye are meet i think there is something in your eye so only i search about you and find about you
this made abhi verry emotional ans suddenly hugs herr and they broke their hugs and abhi said that why yudidn’t told to me she replied because i am fear to tell,if you reject then i will broken he stops herr by puts his fingers in her lips, both share an eylock and laterr they realises that the time is for their bus,they ran to catch the bus they catch the bus butit was full of rush abhi stands behind pragya and he touches her waist its was so rush and no body see that suddenly pragya stop came and she came and her heart didn’t allow her to go.she smiles seeing him he signs her to go.she went and the days goes like this it was last day for abhi in his college and he searched his love in college while searching he entered his class and shocked to see pragya sitting in his class her eyesand red hot because she cried long time for missing he goes and hugs her and kisses her in her forehead,soon he kisses her in lips she too responds soon it become a passionate kiss and they broke their kiss with lack of oxygen.then he said that this one year i am with you only i want to join assistant for one music director so we meet in our bus and develop ur love don’t get worried y thinking that it is our seperation but this is our new step of our live and we feel for each other in day hours our love will get more stronger and we see our love in our eyes.


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