Maharaj Ki Jai Ho 19th May 2020 Written Episode Update: Albert goes missing

Maharaj Ki Jai Ho 19th May 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mandakani telling Daasis about the Rishi who is doing a tapasya since 18 years. She says Rishivar is doing this to get eyesight for Maharaj. Gandhari announces the best Daasi award, it goes to Damodari. She asks where is she. Albert comes there smiling, running on the skates. Gandhari gives the award to him. Mandakani gets angry. Daasi asks Gandhari to come, Maharaj has called her alone. Gandhari goes. Maharaj surprises her. Acharya comes. They greet him. He asks did they practice the dance. Maharaj says yes. Maharaj and Acharya dance on Kali kali ankhen…. Acharya asks them to stop it, no one can teach them anything. Gandhari asks did they learn everything. He says yes. He goes.

Maharaj says we have to find a chance to show our talent. She asks shall we dance on Shakuni’s birthday. He jokes. Albert says car can’t go in future without plutonium, we have to be happy. He helps Sanjay and shows his new invention. Sanjay says you made my life. The arrow hits Shakuni’s leg. Shakuni screams in pain.

Shakuni says I was finding you, its my birthday tomorrow. He gives a letter and says surely come. He runs away with the arrow. They laugh. Mandakani asks Damodari to come. Albert says I will get a new arrow for you. He goes. Mandakani asks Albert to clean a room. Albert finds the room dark. He gets shocked. Suryabhan is partying with the princes. Purushottam boasts of his skills. Senapati asks Sanjay to tell about his skills. Sunaina says he doesn’t know. Sanjay says I have shot arrows in the air and no arrow came back, I made a staircase with the arrows and got the first arrow back. Sunaina shoots an arrow and asks him to shoot an arrow after it. She says if you do this, I will marry you. Suryabhan asks him to shoot. Sanjay says I will compete tomorrow. He goes. Maharaj comes and says sorry to get late. Suryabhan asks the reason for coming. Maharaj says let me participate in Swayamvar. Sunaina shouts no and faints. Suryabhan scolds Maharaj.

Maharaj says Gandhari and I want to perform dance, Sunaina is like my daughter. Suryabhan says oh. Sanjay asks Mandakani about Albert. She says I had sent Damodari to Rishi’s room, where she has become a statue. She laughs. Sanjay goes to the Rishi’s room. He gets shocked seeing Albert turned into a statue. He says don’t worry, I will do something. He enters the room.

The competition begins. Suryabhan asks Senapati will Sanjay come or not. Senapati says Sanjay may come or may be not. Suryabhan slaps him and asks again. Senapati says he won’t come. Sanjay gets scared and goes in. Rishi shoots arrows at him. Sanjay stops him. He asks his flashback story. The man recalls getting caught by the guards and taken to Maharaj. Maharaj was in love with Gandhari. The man says I m a scientist, my time machine isn’t working, it has plutonium, let me go. Guard says I will kill him, what’s his name. The man says Rishi. They all fall in his feet. Maharaj asks can you give me eyesight. The man says no, why not, but I will sleep for 18 years to do so. Fb ends. Sanjay says I believe you, we can use the plutonium and go back, but you have made Albert a statue. The man gives him a medicine to make Albert fine. Sanjay finds Albert missing.

Albert says why don’t you understand, I m a man. Shakuni gets shocked. Sanjay enters the competition. He falls down. Suryabhan laughs.

Update Credit to: Amena

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