Zindaan – The Golden Cage Chapter 29 (The Bonds of Unsusual love)

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(Note – I know that last chapter ended on Drishya telling Kshitij that she took revenge while pretending as Maya. This chapter is for bringing up the Shivika’s past and Drishya tried to took control over Shivay as Maya. You will get next chapter in two or three days in which you can read about Drishya being Maya. I want to show past that’s why this chapter started like this. It is definitely a glance to flashback)


Anika stepped down from the rocks and looked at the chilly water. She was close to nature from start and whenever she design Dresses, she goes to a peaceful place. She was grown up like a princess, her father lifts up the whole house if she gets a single scratch. Her all wishes get fulfiled even before she uttered them. Her father and sister are very overprotective about her. She is not complaining over it but somewhere she lost herself. She wants to be free. It is just common thing as everyone needs to overcome their complication but from the past ten years, her sister solved her all problems. She wants to fight by own but she can’t make them hurt by telling that she feel caged because of their unnecessary care.

She can only think about this, but can’t say. It’s been years she is gathering the courage to tell them but she becomes helpless in front. She feels peaceful in-between nature. She packed her notes and all things as darkness start spreading across the sky. She picked up her bag but before she moved, she heard a splash like someone get fall down from a great height. She looks upward to the cliff but can’t see clearly because of the dark. She runs toward the river with her mobile flashlight. She jumps in the river as soon she sees someone is drowning. “Are you alright?” She asked after coming to the shore. She pressed his chest for taking out the water His face was not new for her, she heard about his fashion company in her college. She knows he was the only heir to Oberoi textiles. She picked up from the phone and dialled the emergency number for an ambulance.

Drishya’s hands start trembling as she realises that he disappears in the depth of darkness. “Shivay” She shouts while trying to see down from that cliff. “Drishya” Swayam shout making way between the bushes in dark. He found her sitting at the corner. “What are you doing? You might be fall from here accidentally ” He makes her stand by holding her shoulder. “I killed him,” She said looking toward him. “Who?” He asked while wiping her tears. “Shivay, He falls down from here. Let’s go and find him downside” She said while moving but he held her wrist. “He probably gets die” He replied as she looks backwards. “Don’t say these type of things. Let’s go” She said while he pulled her toward him. “Have you lost your mind? Don’t be an emotional fool. We will get in trouble” He shouts while she looks on in disbelief. “We can’t abandon him for dying. We are doctors” She said while he looks her frustrated. “Shut up! This is not the time for preaching. I told you to stay away from Shivay and now also you are going to do the same mistake” He said. “I don’t want him to die” She cried. “Yes, Just like that I don’t want you in any trouble. Let’s go from here and forget everything ” He told while dragging her outside.

Anika accompanies him to the hospital formally as he was injured on his head. This was she tell herself but he was his ideal when it comes to the fashion world. As soon she comes outside to the ambulance, ward boys get shifted him. “Are you his guardian?” The nurse asked her while she shook her head negatively. “No, I just help him” She replied. “Then contact with his guardian as we need his agreement to a surgery,” She said as she looks on. “Surgery? Was he seriously injured?” Anika asked worriedly. “It is a small surgery. We need payment too before starting” Nurse replied. “I will do payment but you should start it,” She said. “What about the sign mam?” She asked while she takes the paper from her hand and signs it. “It will get late if we wait for actuary guardian. I will inform his family larger” She added.

“Just stop the car,” Drishya said to him. “Why?” Swayam asks. “Are you stopping the car or want me to jump from it?” She said. “What’s wrong with you? Are you crazy?” He asked while stopping the car. “You are crazy. I can’t leave someone dying ” She said while he held her arm. “Ishu….please” He requests but she jerks his hand and moves from there. “Ishu….” He shouts frustratedly stamping on the steering. Drishya stops a taxi and went back toward the forest. It didn’t take her a few seconds to get in that place inside the forest. She doesn’t need any sign to follow, her memory was enough. She immediately runs toward the downside. She tries to find him but he wasn’t there.

Anika looks toward her sketchbook. The designs which she drew get almost drenched and ruined by water. This was her assessment which she needs to submit the other day. She glances her watch and wondered why didn’t her sister called yet? It was quite late, and normally she has thirty calls and messages from her sister but what was wrong today? She decided to inform her of by own and dialled her number. “Ani, Did you reached home. I will be getting late because of some emergency ” Drishya replied the call and cut the call without listening another side. “But Ishu….” Anika shook her head and dialled her number again. She cut it after realising that maybe she was busy with something important. She thinks once to went her home back after all her duty was over. She made him reach the nearby hospital and even did payment then why is she staying here? She was lost in her thought when she sees nurse coming outside. “How is he?” She asked. “It went well. He needs to take rest for someday. You can see him if you want” She replied while she nods her head. She decided to walk inside after the dilemma. She sits on the chair beside him. She wants to hire in Oberoi textile from starting. “Did you fall by own from that cliff or someone pushed you?” She asked who was unconscious. She didn’t get to know when her eyes get closed and she slept there.

Shivay opens his eyes with a terrible headache. He tries to touch bandage on his head but felt a hold on his right hand. He looks down and gets surprised. “Who are you?” He said jerking his hand and as a result, her head gets collided with the edge of the bed. “Ouch…..What the hell?” Anika blinks her eyes while caressing her forehead. “You get your consciousness back…” She said while he looked at her clueless. “Who are you? Why were you sleeping on my hand” He asked while she looks on. “Sorry, I didn’t know when I slept. Hope your hand is not paining” She said. “I am Anika, I saved you when you get fall from the cliff” She added while he looks on. “By the way, did you fall by own?” She asked making him remember happenings. “Yes”, He replied after a pause. ” Who is your guardian? I need to tell them about you” She asked as he shook his head. “Is there anyone I can call for you?” She asked again but he tried to find his phone. “Call on Oberoi textiles and ask for my secretary,” He said after realising that he lost his phone. She nods her head and told him to take rest. She thinks him extremely ungrateful and detaching as she comes outside. She looked at her phone, there was no single trace that her sister tries to reach to her. What’s wrong with her? She thought to inform her first but her phone was switched off. She then calls in his company to inform his secretary.

Drishya look at the paperweight lying on the floor. She run her fingers on her hairs, it was making her crazy. She didn’t sign up for being a murderer. What was her fault? She did the same which everyone was doing with her. The Whitecoat she wears proudly get soaked in blood, the hands who saved lives turned into the one who took lives. She wears her medical coat and combs her hairs. “Dr Drishya, Didn’t you went home last night? You don’t have shift…right” Advik said like he was asking for a reason. “I will talk to you later….” She replied and walked out from there. “I killed him. I am turned in a murderer because of you” She shouts in rage stamping her hand on the table while Mr Singhaniya looks on. “Have you lost your mind? Why are you shouting and who’s murder you are talking about?” He asker closing the file on his hand. “Shivay…..I killed Shivay” She said while he shook his head. “So what! Nothing can be best for revenge. Don’t worry about the investigation, I will take you out from this mess” He said as she looks him angrily. “I don’t want to kill anyone for my revenge…..” She shouts. “I doubt that you are really smart. Nobody cares about whether he exists or not. He is harmless in both way” He said while she glared him. “You did that intentionally….” She asked while he twitches his eyebrow. “You are a fool. I told you to become Maya and took control over Shivay’s life. What the hell you did…..you killed a person?” He said making her shocked. “I will turn myself in, then you will be in this mess too” She threatens while he chuckled. “I was checking your loyalty…You are not at all loyal. Shivay is alive.” He said as she looks on. “Why would I want to kill him when taking control is more fun than murder?” He said while she gritted her teeth. “Try to be like Maya, think like her and act like her that you perfectly mixed up in his imagination. Who told you to go and directly tell him that you are Maya? It’s obvious he will attack you” He said.
“This is perfect opportunity to give reason to Swayam,” He said while she sighed. “When are you giving remaining proofs? I won’t do anything until then.” She said. “You are being unloyal now…..It was a deal, you should do what I say like a puppet” He said with a smirk. “Yes, I will. It is fun to control someone like me or else you never think in your dreams that lowlife person like you can control a gifted person like me” She served him back with a taunt. “Hey! Don’t forget your place” He shouts while she chuckled. “If it wasn’t for my terrible fate, you all will be in my feet. Do you know how much rare is to find someone like me? You can’t even do a diagnosis if people like me start pretending to be like normal?” She said and moved out of his cabin.

Anika tried to dial Drishya’s number once again but she gets failed to reach her. She starts getting worried about her. “I’m Juhi and secretary of Mr Oberoi,” Juhi said to her. “Thank you for saving him,” She said while Anika smile. “No mention, Take good care of him. I need to go somewhere” Anika said to her. “Sure, You might be getting tired too. Thank you for being his side” Juhi said while she nods her head. Though he should thank her, she was thanking her. “Share your number, I will call you for payment,” Juhi said. “There is no need” She replied but she gives her number after she insists. “Where are you Ishu?” She thinks while looking at the window or cab.

“Let’s meet….” Drishya said to him over the phone. “Sorry for behaving rude last night. You are alright” Swayam asked. “Where were you last night?” He added. “I was in the hospital. I don’t feel like going home” She replied. “Why didn’t you call me?” He asked. “You can also call?” She asked. “I thought you won’t like to see my face yesterday” He replied while she smiles. “Yes, I want to talk about something important. I am sending you address” She said after cutting the call.
“Where is she?” Shivay asked after seeing Juhi. “You are talking about Anika….she already left” She replied while he nods his head. “Sir, Should I call her?” She asked. “Nothing, She left her sketchbook,” He said. “Don’t worry, I will return her?” She said. “I will return as I have to said thanks too,” He said keeping sketchbook on side stand while she looks on his changed behaviour. It was not a movie that someone changed just because of a girl, it doesn’t seem that childish. She was not sure but she felt there is a deep reason for it, maybe she was his saviour, she saved his life.

“Are you okay?” Swayam asked looking at her while she nods her head. “I want to return something,” She said while he looks on cluelessly. “What?” He asked. She took out their promise ring from her finger and keep it on his hand. “It’s over…” She said as he looks at her in disbelief. “Drishya….” He said. “It’s done for me,” She said. “What do you mean that it’s done for you? Is this a joke? Are you playing with me?” He shouts. “Are you telling me that you fall out of love, suddenly in one day?” He asked with hurt. “It took ages to fall in love but a moment to fall out of it. Yes, I don’t want to be a person who is selfish like you” She said from standing while he held her hand. “What’s going on? You know what you are selfish not me” He shouts as she looks around. “People are watching. Don’t create an unnecessary scene” She said jerking his hand away. “Fine, let’s talk somewhere else” He picked up the ring and dragged her outside the cafe. “What’s gotten into you? Why are you doing this to me?” He asked while stopping his tears. “Why are you asking me when you know the reason? When you can’t fulfil the Hippocratic oath then how will you be able to fulfil the mere promises given to me?” She said tearing him apart. “Ishu…..I did that for you. I thought you get in trouble, it’s not that I want to abandon Shivay there but you are the first priority” He said while holding his forehead. He is not getting what happen to her all of a sudden? She was behaving reserved from some past months but he thinks it as a pressure of their profession. But she didn’t mention breaking up that time also, but why is she bringing it now. “And my first priority is something else. I can’t be with you” She said while he closed his eyes in frustration. “What happened to you? Sorry if you ger hurt last night but please not do this” He requests while cupping her face.
“Why don’t you get it that I don’t want to be with you? Why are you forcing me?” She shout. “There is a reason right…I don’t believe your words” He asked after wiping his tears. “I already told you the reason…..Didn’t I?” She said as he tried to read her face. The worst thing is that he can’t read her memories, why it was to be her who have this ability. His hypnosis can’t work on her as she herself was intimidating. “Why? Just tell me the real reason behind it” He asked as she closed her eyes feeling helpless. “It was fated to be like this. All relations can’t be maintained like perfect relationships. Why are you making it such a big deal?” She said?  “I misjudged you, You always think from your head….right,” He asked. “Yes, I don’t want to hurt you. It’s just that I can’t be with you” She said as he held the ring tightly in his hand. “You are going to regret this…You can’t ever forget your surroundings, How will you going to forget me?” He asked as she looks on. “Memories are formed inside the head when you forget the existence of that thing in real” She replied and turned. “Don’t resign to your job. I can’t live without looking at your face. I am not done yet, my love still exists.” He said from behind as tears escape from her eyes. “Sorry….” She uttered softly. “I understand” He replied walking from there leaving her. She expects him to turn back but he didn’t. “It’s not because of Baba. I don’t want you to involve in this mess. I only have you and Ani whom I want to protect with everyone.” She thinks as tears start blurring her sight. “Sorry for making things hard for you. For me, I can’t be outside of you but thanks for holding me warmly. That was true that it took a moment to fall out of love but it took ages for forgetting memories.” She uttered while staring her empty finger. Indeed, love is like a sea, it is deeper when it’s silent.

Kindly ignore grammatical and spelling errors. Don’t worry about that it become boring if I revealed all past once. There are many mysteries like who is the mastermimd? What is the relation between Daksh & Anika? Who is the one who help Advik?

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