Maharaj Ki Jai Ho 15th May 2020 Written Episode Update: Shakuni is kidnapped

Maharaj Ki Jai Ho 15th May 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Maniram kidnapping Shakuni and asking for his money. Sanjay comes to meet Sunaina. They have a moment. Suryabhan comes from the window way and asks Sanjay to come from the main door. He gives Sanjay his shoes. He smiles. Sanjay asks are you fine. Suryabhan says I m happy with my daughter’s happiness. Sanjay greets him. Suryabhan says call me dad. He hugs Sanjay. He says I will leave both the lovers alone, inform me if you want anything, I will go now. He goes. Sanjay and Sunaina get surprised. He asks what was this. She says I heard it, but I can’t believe it. He says I didn’t expect this from him. He jokes. She gets angry and throws things at him. Suryabhan gets happy hearing this.

He slaps his Senapati. He asks him to hear a story. He says Kanyakumari got friendly with a street dog, I didn’t like it but couldn’t convince the cat, I couldn’t separate them, so I brought them together, later the cat got troubled by the dog and came back to me, she didn’t go back to that dog, do you understand. Senapati says no. Suryabhan gets angry. Shakuni says Maniram said I won’t get any time now. Pranpriye says sorry, I have no money to help you.

Shakuni praises him. He gets an idea. He asks him to become an old woman. Pranpriye says sorry, I won’t. Shakuni says you just have to change your disguise. Shakuni goes to Maharaj and Gandhari. Maharaj reminds her that Shakuni tried to kill him. Shakuni says I saw a dream, an old lady came to ask for money, you refused and then you turned poor. Maharaj yells at him. Shakuni asks him to donate money. An old woman comes. Gandhari says Shakuni’s dream is true. Maharaj asks minister to give money to old woman. Old woman blesses him. Shakuni gets happy and says I couldn’t identify you, go fast. Pranpriye comes to meet Maharaj, in an old woman’s disguise. Shakuni asks why did you come again. Pranpriye says I just came. Shakuni asks who was she, I have another idea.

Maharaj gets a letter. Sanjay reads it, Shakuni is kidnapped, if you want to see him fine, then give 10000 coins. Minister asks shall I get the coins. Maharaj says I have an idea. Gandhari asks what idea. Maharaj lies. Suryabhan and Sunaina come home. Gandhari says I didn’t make the breakfast today, sorry. Suryabhan says great, I will have food here. Maharaj says Sanjay is like my son, if he marries your daughter, then we will become Samdhi. Suryabhan says I want them to marry soon and make me grandfather. Sunaina says I don’t want a child yet. Gandhari says motherhood is a big joy for a woman. Sunaina says no, I don’t want to marry you. Suryabhan says you have to marry and also get a child. Sunaina runs away. Sanjay goes to stop her. Suryabhan and Maharaj boast of each other. Gandhari says Sunaina is tensed, I have made something for Suryabhan. Suryabhan sees the lizard and shouts no. He runs away.

Shakuni is upset. Pranpriye comes to meet him. Shakuni asks is Maharaj giving the money or not. Pranpriye says Maharaj has written a letter for the kidnapper… its good you have kidnapped Shakuni, I can’t misuse Praja’s money to save Shakuni. Shakuni says no, he can’t do this. Pranpriye says Maharaj has sent some suggestions for you to die, which one did you lie. Shakuni slaps him. He says if Maharaj wants this, then it will happen. Suryabhan gets shocked seeing Sanjay and Sunaina marrying. He asks what’s happening. Sunaina says we got married for your happiness. Sanjay says bless us. Suryabhan says no.

Sanjay says we will soon make you Nana. Suryabhan faints. Sunaina says we have done a lot. Sanjay asks her not to worry. Albert says I liked to become a man. Sanjay says my marriage has happened. Sunaina runs away. Gandhari finds Shakuni dead and cries. Maharaj fakes cries for him. He gives 20000 coins to Shakuni. He asks Lord to do some miracle and show Shakuni’s smile once. Shakuni smiles and wakes up. Minister says Shakuni got alive. Gandhari hugs him. Shakuni smiles.

Rishi checks Suryabhan’s kundli and predicts his death. Shakuni meets Maniram……. Pranpriye goes to steal the money.

Update Credit to: Amena

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