Maharaj Ki Jai Ho 16th May 2020 Written Episode Update: Suryabhan falls ill

Maharaj Ki Jai Ho 16th May 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suryabhan saying just Yamraj can cure me now, my last time has come. He scolds Senapati. His queens worry for him. They want new clothes and jewellery on his birthday. Suryabhan argues. Vaid says there is a cure, we will make you fine. Suryabhan gets shocked hearing the remedies. He laughs and acts fine. He faints again. Sanjay and Albert are at their food stall. Albert says there is no income. Sanjay jokes on him. Albert says I will see how much will you earn. A kid comes to eat food. He asks Sanjay to get all the food. Sanjay gets the food. The kid eats it fast.

Albert says ask him if he has money or not. Sanjay says let him have food. The kid says I have no money, I have letter from Sunaina. Sanjay gets happy. He reads Sunaina’s letter and finds her upset. He says I m taking lunch break, you manage to stall. He goes. Suryabhan gets shocked seeing Vaid bringing the donkey. Vaid asks are you having pain there. Vaid says your 43rd birthday will be the last day of your life. Suryabhan worries that its his 43rd birthday. Senapati cries. Vaid says brave Kings are remembered, you are lying here as a coward, what will people know about you. Suryabhan says no. Vaid tortures Suryabhan by his ways to cure him. Sanjay comes to meet Sunaina. She asks why did you send the letter. She scolds him.

Padma cries and tells about her fiance abandoning her. Sanjay asks why will my GF leave me. Sunaina says all the men are same. She pushes Sanjay down the ladder. Pranpriye wakes up Shakuni and says someone came to meet you. Shakuni sees Maniram. The man says you gave us stones, not coins. Shakuni says Maharaj didn’t do good to cheat me, don’t worry, I won’t lose the money. Shakuni comes to meet Maharaj. He asks about the stones. Maharaj jokes on him. Gandhari says I have lost, give him the money. Shakuni says fine, I have given it. Sanjay comes there with a pigeon. He tells Maharaj about Suryabhan’s invitation for a war. Maharaj asks how dare he, I will see him. Sanjay says you can ask him to call off the way. Maharaj likes the idea. Suryabhan gets the reply. Senapati says Maharaj refused to have a battle.

Suryabhan asks what did that coward write. Senapati reads the letter, its not my mood to have a war, I m not your servant to do as you say. Suryabhan says no, how can he do this. He attacks his Senapati and says now you will convince Maharaj. Sanjay meets Padma’s fiance and tries to know the reason for break up. The man says I m your big fan, I used to love Padma a lot, I cooked food for her and she thanked me, what happens in future. Sanjay asks who told you. The man says Sunaina told Padma, she told me, I told my parents, who told others. Sanjay worries and leaves. Shakuni says I have nothing with me, I want money by tomorrow. Pranpriye says I have an idea, we will loot people, I have also hidden some money. Shakuni says we can’t loot people, I have already spent money. Pranpriye goes to loot money. Shakuni helps him. The man runs away. Sanjay comes to meet Sunaina. He says Padma’s fiance will never leave her, I have convinced him. Sunaina throws a bucket of water at him.

Senapati complains about Suryabhan. Maharaj comes for the war. Sanjay gets his car back.

Update Credit to: Amena

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