Maharaj Ki Jai Ho 14th May 2020 Written Episode Update: Sanjay wins a game of Chausar

Maharaj Ki Jai Ho 14th May 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shakuni playing Chausar and winning a lot. He challenges everyone. Sanjay says I will play with you. Sanjay challenges him. Shakuni says we shall see. They play the game of Chausar. Sanjay wins the game. Shakuni begins to undress with every round. He wins when Albert uses some remote to control the dice. Everyone starts laughing on Shakuni. Shakuni says I don’t believe that I m losing. Sanjay asks him to give his shorts as well. Shakuni runs away. Pranpriye goes to Shakuni and asks him to wear something. Shakuni says I will take revenge on Sanjay, until then I won’t wear anything. Pranpriye says fine, I will also not wear anything.

Sunaina asks Suryabhan to have fruits. Suryabhan says no, its fine, tell me, what work do you have. She asks him to give some work to Sanjay. He says ask him to start begging. He falls down by slipping down by banana peel. Sanjay comes to greet. He asks Suryabhan to hire him. He praises himself since it was all his ideas to make Maharaj win against him. Senapati says Suryabhan will win the game. Sanjay fans air to Suryabhan. Suryabhan is playing with the tribals. Senapati says you lost. The tribal man wins. They dance and leave. Suryabhan says they played the game for the first time and I couldn’t win, I m afraid to lose even this year.

Senapati says I heard that Maharaj will send Shakuni from his side, shall we send him from our side. Suryabhan likes his idea. He asks Senapati to call Shakuni. Shakuni comes to meet Suryabhan. Suryabhan asks what’s this state. Sanjay smiles. Shakuni says Sanjay defeated me in Chausar, until I take revenge, I won’t wear clothes. Suryabhan asks him to go, there is an idea, its good if Sanjay plays from his side. Sanjay refuses. Suryabhan asks him to play. He makes Sanjay sit on the throne and fans air. Sanjay smiles.

Maharaj and Gandhari get their sketch made. Shakuni comes and says I want to play from your side, Sanjay is going to play from Suryabhan’s side. Maharaj asks what, how can Sanjay do this. Shakuni says give me a chance to play. Gandhari agrees. Shakuni thanks him. Artist sees the sketch made of Shakuni, instead Maharaj and Gandhari. Everyone comes to play Chausar. Shakuni says I had sworn to defeat Sanjay in Chausar. Sanjay jokes on him. Sanjay play and signs Albert. The remote falls. Albert picks it and makes Sanjay win. Suryabhan says we have won. Maharaj says this time, we can’t go on world trip. Sanjay signs Albert. Shakuni tries to see what is he signing and where. The game goes on. Maharaj loses things in every round. Sanjay says we have won much money, we shall go now. Suryabhan refuses. Sanjay apologizes to Maharaj. He says Suryabhan is going to become my Sasur. Pranpriye goes and gets the remote from Albert. Shakuni starts winning. Sanjay doesn’t get help from Albert. Albert looks for the remote. Suryabhan asks Sanjay to play. Shakuni asks Sanjay to show. Sanjay loses. He worries. Pranpriye steps on the remote and catches Albert. Suryabhan asks Sanjay to do something. Albert signs Sanjay that he lost the remote.

Sanjay loses again. Shakuni laughs and gets his clothes back. Suryabhan says it seems like you are with Maharaj, I won’t leave you alone. He catches Sanjay’s neck. Maharaj asks him not to insult Sanjay. Suryabhan asks him to give him Shakuni. Maharaj says he is my Saala, I can’t give him. Shakuni says I can play from any side. Suryabhan says just one last game now. Sanjay goes to join Maharaj. Shakuni goes to Suryabhan. Gandhari asks Sanjay will Maharaj win. Sanjay says maybe not, what number do you want. Maharaj says 12. sanjay wins the game. Senapati says its 12, Maharaj has won. Suryabhan slaps his Senapati. Maharaj says I have won Chausar and also my pride. Gandhari asks will we get warm water. Sanjay looks on.

Shakuni lands in big trouble. Suryabhan says I m happy in my daughter’s marriage. Maharaj says Sanjay is like my son, if this marriage happens, we will become Samdhi.

Update Credit to: Amena

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