Maharaj Ki Jai Ho 13th May 2020 Written Episode Update: Senapati is found by Sanjay

Maharaj Ki Jai Ho 13th May 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with the chinese man telling Maharaj that his bird has flew away, anyone can get his message and the army can attack any time. Maharaj and Gandhari cover up that Senapati has run away. The man says we have to find the bird, none should know about the message. Maharaj commands the bird to come in front of him. Gandhari says just see how I find him. She gets hurt. Senapati thanks Sanjay for saving his life and offers help. Sanjay says I made a mistake, you got saved, now go. Senapati says I can’t go back. Tribals come singing.

Suryabhan writes a letter and calls his Senapati. He asks Senapati to tell if the poetry is good or very good. Naagraj comes and asks him to give the crown. Suryabhan refuses. Naagraj says I will bite your Senapati. Suryabhan says I m the King, I won’t give my crown. He slaps Naagraj. He says I get new poetry in mind. He sings a song. Sanjay says Senapati is badly caught, Suryabhan will not leave him, the Hastinapur people will also not leave him, I have an idea, we will get him married. Senapati says no, I m brahmachari. Sanjay says no one will know about him. Albert asks what shall we do now. Sanjay sees the tribal and says he wants to tell something about Senapati. Albert says yes, he is wearing Senapati’s costume, if we could know someone to translate his words. Sanjay says we know. Maharaj and Gandhari look for the bird.

The pigeon is behind them. They go away. The bird sits on his crown. Sunaina gets angry on Sanjay. He asks what’s happening, tell me, why are you so angry. Sunaina says I have seen a dream, why did your fiancee come to Hastinapur, you left me and went with her. He says it was happening in your dream, I promise I will never cheat you. She asks really. He says yes. She asks how can they come in my room. He says there is a big problem, Senapati is missing, this man knows about him, you can know what he is saying. She says he is asking where are his clothes. Albert and Sanjay scold him. Sanjay recalls Senapati dancing in the party. He says I know where is Senapati. He laughs. The marriage preparations begin.

Suryabhan comes there and gifts something. He says its to celebrate your end, why shall I say, that your Senapati has run away before marriage like Shakuni. Maharaj asks really, then who is it. Suryabhan’s Senapati comes on the horse. Suryabhan goes to gift him. He asks what’s happening, what are you doing here. Senapati says I went to get the horse. Suryabhan asks where is my crown. Senapati says with Naagraj. Suryabhan says you will have to marry now. Sanjay and Albert come to the tribal’s party. They ask for Senapati. They find the Senapati. Maharaj gives his speech. Sanjay says real groom has come, now Senapati can go. Suryabhan says my Senapati will be the groom. Sanjay says fine, I will be back. Albert asks what happened, groom didn’t get exchanged. Sanjay says Suryabhan is guarding there, I will exchange the groom. Albert starts dancing to distract everyone. The tribals come there and join the dance. Everyone dances.

Maharaj’s Senapati gets married. Suryabhan gets shocked seeing his Senapati with him. He slaps Senapati. Maharaj and Gandhari wish the bride and groom. They have drinks, given by the tribals. Sanjay recalls drinking that and fainting down. He runs to stop them. He worries.

Shakuni challenges Sanjay. Suryabhan asks Sanjay does he know anything. Sanjay praises himself. He asks Suryabhan to hire him. Shakuni gets angry.

Update Credit to: Amena

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