Mahakumbh 31st March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Mahakumbh 31st March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rudra saying Maai Mui and then sees Dadi in her. He says Dadi. She says no, I m your mum. He sees Ganga and says Maa. She says she can take any avatar, if he wants to see anyone, she has come in Maai Mui’s avatar as he has strong relation with her. She says don’t cry, if Rudra’s eyes get a tear, then everyone’s hope will be broken, and everything will get ruined. Rudra says he lost his everything. She says like a person leaves everything after his death, every Garuda has to die to take another birth, and you are the head of Garudas, and you need to die and get born again.

Rudra asks what will he do after re birth. She sees how he has thrown the trishuls and takes one to stab at his back. She throws more to hurt him. Rudra gets hurt without any bloodshed and looks at her. She says no one is born by heart and no one dies by wish, we are all puppets of fate, and you have to fulfill the motive for which you are born, you have to struggle. She shows him the Mahakumbh and says that is your fate, which is calling you. He says Garuda life, Amrit protection is his motive, he has to make himself ready and fate has put the burden on him, he has to fight bearing the burden.

She says you should realize and control your powers, you will have ShuddiKaran by the red fire in you, make it high. She goes. He shouts Maai Mui and then sees her sitting at some distance, near the Idol. She takes some Garuda helping weapon. She sees the Lord idol and gives it to Rudra. He takes it from her. Some mantras play. She moves away and goes. Rudra looks at it and thunder strikes. He gets the power from the Garuda helping weapon and is unable to stand. The trishuls from his back gets removed and a bright circle is formed around him. He gets more signs all across his body while holding the Garuda helping weapon. Rudra falls down on the ground. Maai Mui/Bhairavi looks on and smiles. She thanks the Lord and Shiv idol is shown. Balivesh gets angry and Devesh asks him to control his anger. Balivesh says the situation is not like he wants and blames the foreigners. Devesh says the mistake is ours. Grierson comes and says he spoke to his people in Poland, they confirmed the money transfer. Balivesh says he does not need just money, but his help and support.

Devesh says his Mauni Baba asked them to help with his people and weapons, so that he can help them too. Grierson says don’t worry. Balivesh says about Katherine. Devesh says we have many imp things than her, we should get weapons. A female Naag is shown practicing shooting and does perfect aim.

Dansh comes and she asks him to let her concentrate. Danch asks her to think if anyone comes infront of her, what will she do, If she is concentrating on the dummies, the enemy will direct attack her, not wait. He says there is no concentrating facility if target is handsome like him. She says yes, if someone like him comes infront, then she can’t concentrate, she should practice to control her feelings. Dansh gets closer and says no need to protect your heart, as its safe with me. She smiles and aims at his heart, saying his heart… she does not roam with heart when she takes gun with her. He gets closer to kiss her and she stops him, asking him not to dare. He says he likes tough things and makes a man watching them forget everything. He says tell Guru ji we are coming.

She asks why is he happy, where did he do. He says he has killed enemies, and leaves. Bhairavi applies some lep to Rudra and puts water on him. Kuch bhi na kaho…………….plays…………. She does his tilak.

Dansh says Naags will win and beats up Shivanand, while Bhairavi guides Rudra towards his motive.

Update Credit to: Amena

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