Mahakumbh 23rd December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Mahakumbh 23rd December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shivanand fooling the goons and making them leave the place. They leave Cuba and the lady. She is stunned seeing Shivanand at home. Cuba brings him. She asks what are you doing here, they said you run away. He says I have diverted them, and tells her how he has cut out the GPS chip from his body and thrown it in a car. She asks Cuba to get first aid box. The people ask Tiwari how did he make Rudra as Ram. Maai asks Tiwari what will he do now, and about us staying in cemetery, even big saints live in cemetery. Tiwari says its not small thinking, and says Rudra has saved me when I was sinking kin the river Ganga, you all were just seeing. Ram means brave and protector, and our Ram will be just Rudra, is anyone has objection, they call leave.

Rudra comes there as Ram. Maai and Udiya Baba get glad seeing him. Ram Ram jai raja Ram……………..plays………………. Rudra sees the people taking their kids and leaving. He says the Dohas and they all stop. Tiwari smiles showing he chose the right person for Ram’s role. Everyone fold hands and smile. Maai feels proud of Rudra. Pandey ji’s brother in law calls for help as he is buried in soil with just head left out to get breath, as Swami ji’s men have caught him. Pandey comes and asks Swami to leave him. Swami says some lines and says if he leaves the culprit, he can do the crime again, so his end is good. Pandey says its his mistake, what my wife’s mistake in this, and slaps him. He says he would have killed him himself if he did not marry his sister, and scolds him for insulting Swami ji.

He begs to Swami ji to leave him, I assure he won’t repeat this, else I will not meet your eyes next time. Swami ji walks to him, and Pandey gets scared. Swami ji says if you do mistake again, I won’t leave you in the state to meet my eyes. Pandey says yes, and frees his brother in law. Shivanand changes his look, and thanks the lady. He says I will find my son. Cuba says dad has come. The lady says my husband has come, hide. Cuba asks Shivanand to leave and drags him outside. Her husband comes home, and asks her did he scare her, is she not happy seeing him. She says no, how was your day. He says you are shivering as if I caught you with your Bf. She smiles and says freshen up. I will arrange food.

He goes to the washroom and sees blood mark on the floor. He checks it and goes out. Shivanand sees them through the glass window. Her husband asks her who came here, whose blood is this. She says I don’t know. The man starts hurting her. He takes stick to beat him. Cuba shows his hand hurt and says I have grown up, so I did not tell mum about this. His dad asks him to go this room, and he will tall to his mum. Cuba leaves. The man takes his wife to the room, and switches off the lights.

Cuba comes to Shivanand. He says nothing will happen to you and your mum, and hugs Cuba. Rudra wakes up and asks Udiya did he not sleep all night. Udiya says he is glad that Rudra is becoming Ram, he can risk his whole life for this. He says this Dhanush is life. Rudra asks the meaning. Udiya says we have to move back to go ahead, always remember this. Rudra pulls the string back. Udiya says once he sees him like this, he will get peace. He says my Vishu looks good. Rudra asks what. Udiya says nothing, and leaves wiping his tears.

Udiya and Maai take all the kids to the mela. Rudra enjoys a lot with Udiya. Maai smiles seeing him. Tiwari makes Punnu ready and gives a slap too. Maai makes Rudra dress up like Ram, and asks him to burn Raavan well. She says she will take a pic. Punnu brings the professional photographer. She calls Udiya, and he makes an entry in suit on his regular clothes. They are stunned and control their laughter. Udiya says its his suit, of the times when he was healthy, why, is it not looking good. Maai says no, its looking good, and jokes on him calling him Kumbhkaran. Udiya gets upset and turns to leave. Rudra says Baba, you look good. Udiya blesses him.

Pandey’s wife cares for her brother, and asks is dead. Pandey says he is alive, Swami ji has spared him. She asks him to wear bangles and her seven brothers will manage now. Pandey slaps her other brother, and says don’t worry, I will not leave the reason for all this, I m planning to take revenge from Rudra, I will end his game. The kids pose for pics. Udiya also poses and sees a man under the horse cart, doing something. Maai asks Udiya to get down. Udiya says I will be back and goes after him. The man leaves, after placing the bomb under the horse cart.

Pandey says when Raavan burns, my revenge will be fulfilled. Rudra burns the Raavan and the bomb explodes, making Maai panic.

Update Credit to: Amena

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