Mahakumbh 22nd June 2015 Written Episode Update

Mahakumbh 22nd June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rudra telling Charles that something is not right here. Dansh tells Vrish that he has shown the way, now they can go ahead. Shivanand, Thapadiya Maai and Tiwari move ahead. They see a statue. Shivanand asks them to focus on the statue. The statue turns live and Ashwathama comes out, after the pillar breaks. They get stunned. Shivanand says this is Narayan Astra and greets Ahswathama. Ashwathama asks who are they who did not identity him. Shivanand describes him and greets the powerful warrior Ashwathama.

Ahswathama asks why did he come here. Shivanand says we are garuda, we came to protect Amrit. Ashwathama says to protect or grab it, how to believe you are Garuda, you are not cheating, your intentions are pure? Shivanand shows his Garuda sign. Ashwathama says he does not believe it. Shivanand asks him to test, he will answer all questions. Ashwathama says there is no test, his trust is broken by his Drona Acharya, as he has given his bow to Arjun, and this is the result… highlighting his wound on his arm. He says Duryadhan was his friend and did not let him head Kauravas, when his father died.

He says Lord Krishna made them lie by which his dad died, and says he is cursed to be alive always. He says the Mahabharat story. Shivanand says Drona Acharya has pain for Arjun in one eye and regret for you in other eye, but we have aim in our eyes, and justifies himself. Ashwathama says his patience is trustable, but not his aim, if he has to cross this way, then he has to fight with him. He uses his weapon and throws some light. Shivanand and others hide.

Rudra, Chalres and Katherine hear sound and see the bright light. Dansh, Vrish and Leela hear the sound. Vrish says its first door Dansh, the rats are making the way. Ashwathama attacks them and Garudas falls down. Tiwari uses his Garuda weapon in defense. Rudra asks them to hurry up. Ashwathama rotates Shivanand in air and throws him. Tiwari says we can’t be equal to him. Shivanand says we have to confuse him and divert his focus. He runs to open the door and sends Thapadiya Maai infront of Ashwathama. Ashwathama cracks the roof which falls on her. She gets under big stones. Tiwari aims bullets at him and shoots. Ashwathama brings his weapon as shield and it does not affect him.

He attacks Tiwari and controls him. He pushes her to hit the pillar. Shivanand runs towards the door. He sees a huge door and runs back to save Tiwari and Maai. He holds Tiwari’s hand and takes him to side. He says if we fight with him, we will die, we have to surrender, there is no other way. Rudra, Charles and Katherine free Maai from the stones, by moving the big ones. Shivanand and Tiwari sit down and surrender to Ashwathama. Rudra sees them and Ashwathama is about to hit both of them. Rudra shouts stop and runs to them. He says they are not enemies, but protector like you. Ashwathama sits down on his knees and surrenders his weapon seeing Rudra. Vrish, Dansh and Leela hide and look on. Rudra folds hands and greets Ashwathama.

Ashwathama asks Rudra to get any other Garuda’s power to get equal to him. Charles says I m ready and gives his power to Rudra. Ruda gets equal to Ashwathama in power and fights with him. Ashwathama asks Rudra to proceed and shows the door. Dansh asks will you not take us along. Rudra angrily walks to Dansh.

Update Credit to: Amena

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