Bhagya Lakshmi 22nd June 2015 Written Episode Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 22nd June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bhoomi serves tea to Badi maa. Badi maa asks why did she come isnstead of servants. Bhoomi says servants are on leave, so she brought it. Badi maa asks her to keep it and leave. Bhoomi says she saw her in auto today. Badi maa denies it and says why will she use auto when she has many cars. Bhoomi says she must have seen someone else and apologizes her. Ugly Suman enters and scolds bhoomi for interrrupting Badi maa’s space and says badi maa has many meetings today. Bhoomi says she heard badi maa is ill and has gone to doc. Latha stammers hearing that.

Ansh comes home. Badi maa says she got a call from news paper editor that his interview was good but was 1 hour late. He says Bhoomi came 1 hour late. She asks why did Bhoomi come there. He says it was editor’s demand. Ugly Suman says Bhoomi went to temple and temple is just 10 min away from office, then why did Bhoomi take so long. Ansh gets irked on Bhoomi and she gets tensed. Ansh takes Bhoomi to his room and shouts at her for being so irresponsible.

Bhoomi serves dinner to whole family and waits for them to finish. Reporter Rishi comes there. Vasundhara asks Ansh who is Rishi. he says he is reporter who took his interview. Vasundhara asks servant to let him in. Rishi enters and tells Ansh he had to come at this time as his editor wants a family photo. He could not reach him, so he called Bhoomi and took address. Vasundhara asks how does he know Bhoomi. Ansh says Bhoomi and Rishi are childhood classmates. Vasundhara asks him to have food with them. He says he will sit next to bhoomi. Everyone get angry hearing that. Ansh permits Bhoomi to have food with them and she sits next to him. Rishi sits on opposite chair and says whole bhopal will be in suprise if he prints her interview. She fumes and says she is tolerating him as he is Bhoomi’s friend and he must be knowing she does not give interview. She asks him to finish food and leaves. Rishi apologizes Ansh.

Ansh sees Bhoomi getting SMS at midnight and gets irked seeing Rishi’s message. Bhoomi sees it and tells Rishi is very crazy.

Vasundhara travels in her car and thinks she is hiding her secret since 25 years and should not let Bhoomi ruin it.

Bhoomi asks Latha to tell about her marriage and when did she meet Vasundhara. Latha asks why is she asking it suddenly and says she did not meet Vasundhara till 3 years of marriage and suddenly she came and is staying with them since 22 years. Bhoomi thinks she Vasundhara is hiding her past and she will have to find it out.

Precap: Latha and Bhoomi hurry to meet their client and calls driver to take out car when Vasundhara stops them.

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  1. Y ansh is jealous of Bhoomi if he doesn’t love her

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