Mahakumbh 20th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Mahakumbh 20th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Maya saying Rudra its wrong, why did he not tell her that Pandey has killed Maai. He says you did not tell me your family knows my family. She says I got to know it now, how would I say you. She says its biggest victory to control anger. She says you have to forget the revenge and even I want this. He says I have lost Udiya and Maai, they made me alone, they have ruined my family and childhood, I will not let this fire get off, this is my fight. She says take care, as you have danger prevailing over you. Katherine comes and says love birds, I came on wrong time. Maya stops her. Katherine says I did not have phone charger. Maya says come, I will give you. Pandey is caught by Swami ji’s goons, and kidnapped.

His wife sees him gone and the money too disappeared. She worried and takes his name. Rudra sees everyone sleeping and sneaks out at night. Thapadiya Maai asks him where is he going, go and blesses him. Rudra looks at her. Rudra holds hands and greets her. He leaves. He comes to his home/ashram run by Shivanand. He recalls the mantras chanted there, and sees the building turned into dark shut deserted place. He goes inside the house, and sees the spider webs. He cries seeing the place and recalls his childhood with his parents. Two cars come there. Its Shivanand bring brought to that place by Grierson’s goons.

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Rudra goes upstairs. Shivanand is taken inside the house. Shivanand looks at the house, and recalls his past life. Rudra and Shivanand touch the doors. He says Rudra, and Rudra turns to see, recalling how Shivanand used to call him in childhood. He runs out to see, and stands in the ahead balcony, and Shivanand stands below and a distance back. He recalls playing with Rudra and smiles getting teary eyed. Even Rudra smiles recalling the same moment. He gives a daze look seeing the moment disappearing Shivanand hears Baba and smiles visualizing Rudra coming to him. He opens his arms and sits to hug little Rudra. The boy passes by him, and Shivanand comes out of the mind frame of imagination.

He gets upset and cries. Rudra hears his mum calling Rudra and running after him. He cries seeing her smiling face and those happy moments in his family. The little Rudra passes by him, and his mum comes in the corridor, and Rudra looks on stunned, and forwards his arms asking her to hug him. She passes by and disappears. Rudra crazily looks for her, and cries. Both father and son are tied by emotions and cry for their happy past turned into a remorseful present, standing just few feet away.

The man informs Grierson that Shivanand is getting weak, its right time for Narco test. They inject Shivanand. Rudra still stands there and cries, not knowing about Shivanand. The men take Shivanand, whole Rudra faces the other side. They leave from the place. Rudra comes out and does not see the cars leaving.

Maya asks about Rudra. Thapadiya Maai says the bird has flown, he went to search or a nest, the Lord is with him, he can’t stay in sin shadow. She says the thing which is lost is mostly found in fairs, and throws the garlands on her, calling her beautiful. Shivanand takes Rudra’s name. They ask him about the house. Shivanand recalls the house and says mine. The doctor asks where is Rudra. Shivanand says Kumbh Mela, the bridge and the blast. They ask about the book. Shivanand tells the shop name. Grierson says thank you and leaves.

Rudra comes to the same shop. Swami ji asks Pandey about his progress till Poland. Maya says many people are finding you. Rudra says even I m finding them, and we will meet each other some day. Someone shoots and Maya comes in between.

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