Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 20th January 2015 Written Episode Update

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Nandini comes to the college and finds Manik playing his guitar but he is unable to concentrate. Nandini comes in and asks of what wrong and he explains his problem saying that I was practicing. Nandini says that you have been practicing for 1 hour and Manik replies saying that I am trying to impress by cranky band manager. Nandini asks of how he got up so early and Manik says that I wasn’t able to sleep asshe didn’t let me. He asks her to see sleep in his and Nandini steps back at the right time ad says that I also have to work.
She leaves her diary on the table and Manik goes to check it out. On seeing Nandini runs after him and demands it back. She gets up on a chair but falls down and hurts Manik’s hand. She apologizes to him and asks if he is Okay. Manik turns around and says that I am fine and starts to read it again saying that I am fine. In the struggle Nandini falls on Manik and yet tells him to give the diary back. While on the floor Manik says that you are right as I don’t need to read this diary. Manik asks her to kiss him when she stands up and he laughs.

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Cabir and Muktii are arguing about the new timing, Abhymanu comes out a room and meets all of them. He tells that he has quit and it’s his last day, he gives his wishes to all of them. Cabir asks of what happened and asks if Muktii did anything and then cranks a joke. Without answering Abhymanu leaves and when they ask Muktii she says that I don’t care.
After taunting Nandini Manik keeps on reading the diary. He keeps the diary in front of him and tells Nandini to listen to him. Nandini starts to sing as well and so does Manik reading from the diary. On the other hand Navya comes to her room and finds hers stuff out of place. She asks the roommate of who did it and she accepts that she did it. The warden comes in asking if she has left when Navya says that she has been allowed to come to the college. The warden says that the same rules don’t apply to the hostel and you have to leave in 5 minutes.
The Fab5 has gathered and Manik is still singing and Dhruv says that it is amazing. Cabir says that you should always come alone to the college. Aliya says that it is really beautiful when Nandini says that her friend wrote it. ALiya says that I know all his friends when Cabir says that who cares as the song is great. Cabir asks Muktii and she is frustrated and angry and leaves the rom. Manik asks of what happened to her and Cabir says that she is sick.
Outside Muktii wonders if she is reason Abhymanu is leaving the college. She calls him several times but he cancels the call and leaves. Cabir and Manik are disgussing the tone when Manik looks around and says that where is Muktii. Soha and Mr.Khurana come and says that I want to listen to the songs that you have got ready as I don’t have much time. Manik says that the song is not ready but we have an awesome melody ready.
He gets up and scolds them and says that Soha was right as you are not working. Nandini says that we are on the right path and the songs will be ready in the week. Mr.Khurana scolds her as well saying that I thought you were a responsible person but you are useless. Manik comes in the way and says that don’t speak to her like that and says that it is not a machine. Manik says that it needs time and I thought you would be understanding of that.
Mr.Khurana says that what did you just say to me when Soha backs them saying that we would work harder from now as there is no point in arguing. He agrees but says that Nandini is fired. Manik says that you can’t fire her like that when Soha asks why not. Soha says that dad has a point and if there was someone else than her than the situation would be different. Mr.Khurana says that my album is not being progressed and they get into an argument and Manik says that if you fire Nandini than the Fab5 won’t…..
Nandini tells him to keep quiet and says that I will talk to him. Nandini says that there was an emergency as well but we have been late most of the time by Soha and her ideas. Nandini says that you don’t have to fire me as I quit. Nandini says to Manik and says that it was my responsibility and I failed. Mr.Khurana leaves saying that I want three songs in three days and no ifs or buts. He makes Soha the new band manager.

Precap: Soha says that I have great idea and says that you should come to my farm house to practice and stay away from college, everyone agrees to her idea and so does Manik.

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