Mahakumbh 19th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Mahakumbh 19th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rudra saying he will activate their powers. Shivanand moves back and says powers won’t get activated. The thunder strikes and Rudra looks at him. The cloud gets more dense and some Vish drops from him. The people get burnt by it. Rudra says if I have to move back from a son’s duty to do my protector’s duty, then I m ready. Tiwari says I will also forget my limit and fight for my safety. Rudra says I will not move on. Charles says he will not get powers activated, will be force them. Ruda and Thadapiya Maai beats them all. Katherine fights with him. Rudra says he can’t raise hand on her. She says but I can raise.

Rudra looks at Shivanand. Shivanand says you have powers, so you conquered over them, but will he do this on his dad. He says no, this is not your nature. Rudra says living for selfishness is nature, and its his values to live for duties,. He can’t go against this. Shivanand asks him to come and beat his dad. Rudra gets teary eyed. Shivanand says stop my hand or hurt me. Rudra holds his hands. Shivanand goes to hypnotize him. Thapadiya Maai hits on his head, and says your son did not get any sin on his head, as I did this. She says we have to activate their powers soon.

MahaGuru of Naag lok asks Dansh to come. Dansh asks him to rest. Mahaguru says Vish will win, I know you are not able to understand, what and why is this happening. Dansh says yes. Mahaguru says the one who knows will not say. Dansh asks the meaning. Mahaguru says the cloud is Hal Hal, and it comes after every 144 years, before the Amrit comes. He says without evil, there is no value of evil. Dansh smiles and says this is the announcement that Dansh will win this time, and Garudas can’t bear this. Mahaguru says even he can’t bear this, if any drop of hal hal falls on him, he can’t even breath, even then he feels no one can fail him, except his overconfidence, he asks him to test the enemies and then attack.

Dansh says I know there is such poison which Dansh can’t take, but I will take Amrit and ruin Garuda’s existence. Mahaguru says what about your existence, you would have ruined, but a girl is protecting you. Dansh says he is protecting everyone, who is the girl. Mahaguru says she is one of us, your Guru’s daughter Leela. Dansh smiles and says she can’t protect herself, what will she protect me, if she is alive, I will kill her. Mahaguru says if Leela is there, then he will be alive, don’t let Leela die if you want to be alive, only then Amrit will come and Vish will win.

Devesh and Balivesh are caught by Rao. Balivesh says we have to do that vidhi. Rao says he is not entertained by this waste story, he knows the real thing, he knows he met the sadhu earlier and is about to do something, what is it. Balivesh says we went to take his blessings. Rao says then he will know what I gave to you both, this instant death will reach your mind in 3secs. Balivesh says stop, we will tell everything.

Rao says is this such small thing, Its great and gives them mixed fruit juice as part of celebration. He says they will get the Amrit, and he is 10 steps ahead of them, and he has the sacrifice ready and shows Leela. Rao says they will sacrifice her, that Lord will make Naag in their hands. Dansh and Mahaguru see the people digging. Dansh talks to him. Mahaguru says what I can see, you can’t see, he is digging from under the river, but it should be more deep, and change the directions. The man says I will die digging this.

Dansh gets angry and holds his neck. He scolds him and asks him not to go against Mahaguru, get more labor and machines, do as Mahaguru says. Mahaguru looks at him. Rudra and Thadapiya Maai bring other Garudas to the place in the jungle, where Bhairavi activated Rudra’s powers. Rudra brings Katherine there too. She says Charles and Katherine look good together. She takes the blessings of Shiv and lies down. Rudra prays and hits on Thapadiya Maai’s leg sign of Garuda. She gets hurt and looks at Rudra. Rudra says it started with you. He goes to take some Garuda weapon. Thapadiya Maai looks on. Rudra prays holding the weapon, and gives in her hand.

Dansh tells Guru that Leela is with Garuda. Bhairavi says Leela is not with Garudas, and their powers are getting activated tonight. Dansh says it means Shivanand will also be activated. Shivanand’s Garuda sign turns green.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Dnt wana see shivanand as a villain..plz its gettng bad day by day..

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