Swim Team 19th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Swim Team 19th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Rewa sleeps and thinks about the moments spent with Bhgaat..Rewa sees Jai picture and tells why everytime he fight with her..Deepum and pixy is drunk..Deepum tells Pixy and deepum will count and see up…Both sees and laughs..Next day..Rewa and Umang sleeps..Rewa tells its 2am..Rewa tells Umang to get up..Rewa brushes..Rewa tells that Umang is disappeared with TK,,Umang tells where was Rewa???Umang tells Rewa and Bhagat well full onn..Umang tells that Bhagat made puppy funny face was seeing Rewa…Rewa thinks about Bhagat again..Next day Pixy..Kanika,,Deepum and Rewa submit the form,,Rew tells that submitting the form is just the first step..All Submit the form..TK tells girl that he have to take care of all fitness,,,Works…So he need a assistant..TK tells he got a perfect Assistent…TK calls “JAI”,,Everyone is shocked..TK tells that Jai will train from tommorrow,,,Deepum tells congrats to Jai..Pixy asks why Jai joined this team..Kanika tells Jai is too cute..
Kanika asks where they will train??Pixy tells where??Kanika tells that there is some problem in their love training and she will make use of that..Kanika tells that Jai is soo cute..BHagat tells TK that he a great fan of Him…Bhagat asks TK If he remember that they talked??TK tells yes..TK says sorry as he cannot train him,,TK tells that they are very much problem in his life first he have to sought out..TK tells he cannot give time to a new student..Bhagat tells please..TK tells to come next year..Bhagat tells next year is 2016 olympics..TK tells to find some other Coach..Bhagat goes…TK sees Bhagat,,,,Jai calls Bhagat..But Bhagat goes…Rewa asks Jai If he is mad???If Umang known that Jai joined Swim team..Rewa tells the whole weekend where was Jai she didnt knew…Jai tells that Rewa only said that he got his father buisness..Rewa tells that it does’nt mean that…Jai tells that its his life… Rewa its nothing like that,,Rew tells that Jugnu did this..Jai tells its limit Rewa is doing to save Umang..Rewa tells hi to Bhagat,,Rewa tells Bhagat Did Umang said anything to Jugnu???Bhagat tells no they were talking and Jugnu heard that,,Jai tells what he would tell Umang now???Rewa tells Jai to figure out that..Jai tells he dont know what to tell Umang…Rewa tells to Say sorry..Jai tells to say sorry on his behalf of Him,,Rewa tells no…

Precap::Umang asks Did Rewa forgot all what Kanika did…

Update Credit to: Ansari

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