Mahakumbh 14th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Mahakumbh 14th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rudra doing Maai’s last rites. He removes her specs and recalls his childhood with her. He makes her wear the sunglasses, her fav ones, and kisses her. He covers her recalling her words. Maya looks on. He gives fire to her and says the mantras. Punnu cries. Rudra looks at her fire, and stays there till it burns completely. All the people leave. Punnu and Maya sit and look on. Rudra recalls Maai’s last words and Udiya’s death was to save him. He recalls Pandey’s name. The scene shifts to Poland. Grierson says its time to leave now Shivanand, I knew you will bend one day, all Indians are so emotional. Shivanand says emotions are our strength, as we Indians are like sleeping volcano and you fools like we are dead, and when our emotions are hurt, we burst out. You are sitting on the volcano and dreaming.

Grierson says you will fulfill it, as we know about your son, tell me how will the Amrit appear in the Mahakumbh. He shows Rao’s statements. Grierson asks about the protectors, and how they look, and how will they find the Amrit. Shivanand says just one thing at a time, and says don’t run so fast that you fall, don’t think you have broken me, I m doing this for my son. Grierson says Rudra is your weakness, we are taking you to India, don’t think you can run from my clutches. Shivanand says he is not my weakness, but my strength. Grierson says we will see. They cut Shivanand’s hair. Shivanand thinks he has spend 24 years here but I m coming to meet you my son.

Rudra waters on ashes and takes the ashes. He sways in the Ganga. He prays for Maai and takes dips in water. He comes out of the water and tells Maya that he will come to Allahabad, as she wanted this. Punny and Maya are shocked. Rudra goes and packs his bad. Maya brings her bag. Punnu stops Rudra and also comes with his bags. He says I will also come with you, you can’t go leaving me, if you regarded me younger brother for a moment, take me along. He hugs Rudra and cries. Rudra responds with love and asks you want to leave your dad and come with me, I have lost my Maai and Baba, and you always serve your dad, never leave him alone. Punnu says this house… Rudra says its not house, its just cemetery. He keeps his hand and blesses Punnu. Punnu asks Maya to take care of Rudra. Rudra and Maya leave in the board. Punnu looks on.

Swami ji talks to the people. He comes to know the work is done, as Pandey called. Swami says its good day, all work is done, lets go and start the Mahakumbh. The priest tells Shivanand that he is going home after 24 hours, he respects that he did not break by their torture. Shivanand says it was commendable what you tried on me. He says what I m doing if for everyone’s benefit. Shivanand says we do what we feel is right, and find the reason to prove ourselves right, else we will look fool to them. You stay on your morals and I will stick to mine. He wears the shade and leaves in the car with Grierson. The priest smiles. Mahakumbh title song……………plays…………………

Swami initiates the Mahakumbh by playing the Shank. Rudra and Maya leave for Allahabad an come to train station. Shivanand is being brought India. Swami makes a flag fly. People shower flowers.

Grierson takes Shivanand to the private jet. Shivanand dresses in formal suit and looks apt in proper hairdo. Rudra and Maya board the train for Allahabad. Swami dances around the big pole, and throw red color around. Saam Dhaam Dand Bhed………….plays………………. Rudra is in train and recalls Maai’s love for him, and her care towards him always. He cries recalling Maai and then Udiya, and his childhood years spent with them. He recalls their deaths and how he has done their last rites. He thinks of Maai’s words and gets angry saying Khoye Paaye Pandey.

Rao asks Charles to get a girl’s luggage, who is coming to Allahabad. Few goons take the luggage, and Rudra tries to stop. He fights with Charles.

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