Ek Rishta Aisa Bhi 14th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Ek Rishta Aisa Bhi 14th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Anjali says Deepika that Abhiman is in anger and she should calm him down with love. Door bell rings, Daada happily opens door and receives Abhiman in. Ratna gets happy, but then gets sad reminiscing Abhiman’s demand of sending Raghav out for 22 years. Soniya gives him a welcome drink. Abhiman sips it and thinks he thought they would apologize and request him not to send them out, but they are in a party mood. Soniya asks servant to keep Abhiman’s bags in guest house. Raghav says he is preparing tandoori food for him and says he is just waiting for capsicum and paneer to come. Deepika and Anjali come with capsicum and paneer and give them to Raghav. He asks Khushi to prepare it.

Soniya says Abhiman that he gave them 3 days to stay here, so they want to make every moment special and memorable. Raghav serves him tandoor vegetables. Abhiman tastes says it is very tasty. He feeds paneer tikka to Ratna and she gets emotional. He then asks her to get dessert. Khushi happily goes to bring icecream. Fruity says even she wants to have icecream, but Soniya says she cannot. Abhiman takes her in his lap and feeds icecream. Everyone get happy seeing it.

After finishing food, Abhiman says he liked their hospitality and he will remember them once they leave. He eats chillies then. Everyone are shocked to see his sudden change in behavior again. Ratna asks what is he doing. He says he is habituated to bitterness that he cannot digest so much sweetness. Servant informs that Abhiman’s baggage is arranged in guest room. Abhiman asks to remove it and says Ratna he is her elder son and needs Raghav’s room. He asks Raghav to remove his and Soniya’s goods within 10 minutes from their room. Deepika angrily asks what is he doing. He asks her to shut up and says he came to this house with a condition that they will accept all his demands and asks her not to interfere. Soniya says it is a family matter and she should not interfere and says Abhiman that she will get room vacated in 5 minutes and sends sisters to vacate. Abhiman says until room is cleared, he will go on a walk.

Raghav and Soniya console Ratna that Abhiman is angry, so he is doing it and once he calms down, he will be normal, she has to pamper him like a new born child and take care of him.

Deepika says sisters that Abhiman is doing this in anger and Soniya/Raghav’s love will calm him down. Abhiman hears their conversation and thinks he will not change in 3 days and will make them realize what hardship he went through in 22 years.

Abhiman comes back to his home and sees Suhasi holding pooja thali. She says she is greeting him like a raja maharaja and is waiting for him to kick Raghav and Soniya out and he takes her with him to stay in Ratna’s house. She then gets happy saying she did not feel this excitement in Dubai. He says he has booked her ticket for Dubai and she should leave right now. She says she wants him to get Ratna’s whole property, but he wants to kick herself out. He says he does not need Ratna’s property or want to trouble Raghav and Soniya, he just wants to trouble Ratna who troubled his dad and let him in poverty for 22 years. He gives her Dubai ticket and some money and thanks her for informing everything to him.

Raghav, Soniya and her sisters get ready in cricket attire and asks Abhiman to change is blazer and join him. He says he does not like cricket. Daada shows his childhood pic where he is playing cricket. Fruity jokes that he is not wearing his pant properly then. Abhiman says time and situations change a person and he does not like cricket now. Raghav insists.

Precap: Abhiman says he does not want to play cricket. Sisters taunt that Abhiman got afraid. Deepika says she is in Abhiman’s team.

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