Mahabharat 9th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Mahabharat 9th December 2013 Written Episode, Mahabharat 9th December 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Arjun looking at Lord Krishna’s gift. Guru Dron comes there and blesses him with victory. He says first war of your life hope you are not scared. Arjun says don’t you trust me. Dron says I trust none except you. Dron looks at the thing in his hand and asks what is it? Arjun says it’s a puzzle which I am trying to solve.
At Panchal Shikhandini meets Drupad , Druppad tells her not to kill any of the prince , capture all. Then only Bheeshma will come for them and her revenge will be successful
At Hastinapur Dron meets all the princes and tells Yudhistir that there is a very big responsibility on his sholdiers. If they won then also its his credid and loose then also his credit. Yudhistir says if they win then credit will go to all 105

comes there and says but 105 people cannot sit on the throne
He says that this war is not between Drupad and Hastinapur its between me and you. He tells Dron that he will give gurudakshina and does not need the Pandavas and if they insist on coming then they will have to keep an eye on Drupad and on which direction his brothers arrows are going
Bheem says but then Yudhistir will not get a chance. Duryodhan says what do he cannot let anyone older then him to take part in this war. He can take the younger ones can come. but the victory will be considered his. Arjun says but every one has equal right to give guru daksshina. Duryodhan says he will consider their equal part in gurudakshina. But victory will be his .Yudhistir says it will be insulting to Kuruvansh if we fight with each other so I give you first chance,
Kauravs leave for Panchal
Shikhandini is shown looking at them. She announces enemy is coming and sends the batch of Army
Drupad again tells her that he wants them alive’
Duryodhan overconfidently moves ahead saying they are not Army but mice. Kuru sena seems to be getting an upper hand. Duryodhan and co feel its so simple to defeat them suddenly Shikhandini tells her Army to change stance and make a vyuh. They start trapping the princes.

Shikhandini tells her soldiers to change direction and go to the place meant for them. Kauravas are confused at the change in the movement of Panchal soldiers Duryodhan thinks they are making a vyuha. Shikhansini tells them to draw the princes in. she tells them to close the first door and open the second
And as like this they keep pushing them in and closing the doors to the entrance
Drupad says their plan has succeeded. Arrest all of them he says
Duryodhan and all are taken totally unawares of what is happening. Duryodhan realizes before his brothers that they have been trapped. He says he had never enticipated this. Now the only way is of he can reach Drupad and capture him. Drupad says some princes are still fighting and to capture them if he has to use his panchratna then that will be your defeat Shhikahandini
Shikhandini tries to capture Duryodhan but is defeated by him. He mocks her by calling her a woman
He is then face to face with Drupad. He captures Drupad too but Drupad says are you sure I am the king. Suddenly 5 drupads appear
Duryodhan is confused and taken aback

Precap: Drupad is happy that they have captured all 105 princes but he comes to know that they are only 100

Update Credit to: Nandiniraizada

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