Mahabharat 5th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Mahabharat 5th November 2013 Written Episode, Mahabharat 5th November 2013 Written Update

Dronaacharya approches the prince’ n take out the ball n ask arjun to show bhishma like this only, arjun ran to show it. Other side, DR enters the court, he was angry, vidhur started to discuss abt the problems of people but DR ask that firstly its more important to discuss abt the punishment given to prince’, vidhur ask the ministers n others to leave, after thy leave bhishm came to DR, DR ask him abt it, bhishm says that thy were creating nuisance n it got important, DR says y its happening is the main issue, bhishm try to put forth duryodhan’s mistake which pissed DR n he shouted n in response bhishm shouted, vidhur interrupted n says that such relations will take tym, it was said that prince’ shud get knowledge in gurukuls, DR thr’s no one who can teach thr sons, at the same moment arjun arrives, vidhur scolds him for coming like this without permission, he ask for srry n showed that ball to bhishm.

Scene changed, duryodhan dushasan came to bheem, he was eating, other 3 were busy doing yoga, rest kauravs were playing, duryodhan act good infront of him n oblige that he dnt get chance to welcum them properly, he gave fruits to him but tested first in front of bhim so that he can trust him, bhim took it, duryodhan says that he has arranged meal for all 5 n ask to cum with him, bhim ask abt other 4, duryodhan says that dushasan will bring them n he took bhim with himself, dushala noticed that.

Other side, bhishm with vidhur, kripacharya n arjun came outside to meet dronacharya, thy both greet each other, bhishm ask him if thy hv done sum mistake thats y he’s leaving like this without giving them a chance to do a proper welcum, he says he’s hurt n it will take sumtime, kripacharya says that a true saint never gets hurts, drona agrees just because he’s his wife’s brother, he says he’s a warrior, bhishm says that kurus need such guru, arjun came forward n greets him, drona was impressed.

Other side, shakuni mixed poison in kheer, duryodhan with bhim reached a spot on river bank, thr was so many food, bhim was feeling like eating all, duryodhan ask to taste it before brothers came, but bhim is not trusting him so easily he ask him to taste with him, thy both tasted n when the kheer came, bhim ask him to taste first, he has to take it, but he cleverly throws it n bhim sip it.

Precap: arjun reached thr n duryodhan with fainted bhim jump in river.

Update Credit to: Amor

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