Veera 5th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Veera 5th November 2013 Written Episode, Veera 5th November 2013 Written Update

Chaiji convinces Ratan that she’ll sell her house as it doesn’t matter at all since her family is with her and Ranveera. She justifies her move and Ratan hugs her in gratitude. She further adds that now that she’s solved this big problem now what are they suppose to do with the smaller problem. When Chaiji queries, Ratan answers about the problem that Ranvi wants to send Veera to the school in Delhi. Chaiji assures her that both of them will eventually let it go and to not to take them seriously as Ranveera can’t stay without each other.

Ranvi goes to Gurudware asking for blessings and thanking God that now Veera will be able to go to a better school in Delhi. He’s carelessly crossing the road, too happy to notice the approaching car. Ashok stops the car in time saving him and rebukes him for being careless. Ranvi shares his happiness with him saying that he’s very happy that Ratan has given her consent to Veera studying in Delhi in the same school as Aish and Amar and they are soon going to get her admission formalities done. Ashok is happy and promises to assist them in Veera’s admission formalities and says he’ll also try to get scholarship for Veera. Ranvi is happy. Ashok blesses Ranveera and leaves.

The next day is Diwali. Veera wakes Ranvi up and both wish each other Happy Diwali. Veera asks for a gift from Ranvi and he promises he’ll give her a very big gift this year. Ranveera goes to wish Diwali to Chaiji and Ratan are happy to see all the sweets and crackers Chaiji has got for them. Veera tells them that Ranvi has got her a very big gift this year which he’ll give them later. Both Chaiji and Ratan are confused. Veera asks Ratan why she didn’t call her when she was arranging everything singlehandedly. Chaiji teases Veera that she specializes in ruining everything and not helping. Veera hugs Ratan and appreciate all the efforts she took for Ranveera. Chaiji gifts a dress to Ratan too.

Surjeet Singh gets loads of sweets for villagers. Bakhtawar asks Surjeet Singh what he’s trying to do as so much sweet is not healthy. BUt Surjeet Singh says this is like his initial investment that he’s doing to gain the trust of the villagers so that he can strengthen his stand in the village. Surjeet Singh further adds that he’ll personally go and distribute sweets at each house and wish them.

Ranvi, Veera and Gunjan are burning fire pencils and sparklers when Baldev comes there and tries to scare Veera with some bombs. Ranvi asks Baldev to wait till Balwant returns as its dangerous to light such crackers without any adult supervision. But Baldev mocks him and goes ahead to light it anyways. However, the cracker doesn’t burst and Ranveera and Gunjan laugh. Baldev brings another bomb and runs behind Veera when Balwant comes there and on learning everything from Veera, scolds Baldev. But Bansuri comes to Baldev’s rescue and takes him away.

Ratan is lighting diyas in front of Sampooran’s photo when Bakhtawar and Surjeet Singh walks in. Chaiji and Ratan are surprised to see them and Ratan asks why is he here. Surjeet Singh replies all his debtors come to wish him Diwali and he always gives them sweets and gifts and since Ratan didn’t come, he came. Ratan asks them to leave and refuses to accept any gifts from him saying that all his money will be returned along with the interest. Bakhtar and Surjeet Singh are shocked.

Surjeet Singh tells Bakhtawar that oppose to the popular belief that on Diwali night brings boons and blessing for all, this year Ratan will even lose any leftover wealth from her house.

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