Mahabharat 3rd June 2014 Written Episode Update

Mahabharat 3rd June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on


The episode begins with, Krishna saying that tomorrows battle is because of that oath but shakuni says that it is because of the ego of hastinapur with its power it took sacrifice of my sister. Krishna says that the sacrifice was done by your sister and revenge your taking. This prapanch is done by you Krishna. This much trust you have on power of pandav and Krishna says your doing so much chhal after war that will cause for loss for you keep it in my mind. Shakuni laughs aloud and says but you have taken oath of not picking up your weapon. Krishna says that i have taken oath of not picking my weapon but this is not my weapon my power is always with pandav.

On the other side duryodhan says to karn that ,why he is done like this if anyone would ask him to give his left hand then weather he would give it. Shakuni says that we have taken karn for his shield but he is of no use now. Now let us leave him and try to make our army strong.

Bhisma’s saarthi asks ved that how my son will get cured. Saarthis wife tells that kunti that why my son is suffering so much adharm. Then kunti says that don’t say this karn is my son. Then sarthi says that if karn is really your son then nakul and sahadev have got vardan of ashwini brothers tell them to cure karn.

maharaj virat explains how to fight in the battle. Kunti enters in the room yudhister says any problem. And every body takes blessings. Kunti asks nakul and sahadev to cure karn. Nakul says that karn will not take mercy on her children . but kunti tries to say that he is their brother but could not tell.

Precap:-krishna says that we should plan to kill bhisma.

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