Madhubala 3rd June 2014 Written Episode Update

Madhubala 3rd June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Part 1

Raja tells Madhu was joking. He tells lets go to get this specs repaired and then u have to fulfill ur condition! Madhu says ur nuts! Raja fumes this specs ruined all my plans!

At the chawl, Lela is getting all gifts and stuff decked up..! Sunny asks what is all this? Madhu hates Raja! Lela says i know what i am doing but dont u know what Raja is? He cant point a gun and force Madhu..! Lela tells Sweetie why are u busy filing nails? Sweetie says nothing left to say. cant believe i have to do Madhus aarti! Lela requests Sweetie to listen to her .. as its for Rajas sake! Lela says we will beg Raja for money ..!

Raja tells Madhu that i asked u for something and all is mess now! Madhu is rubbing her eyes and Raja says the person said.. it will be ok in 1-2 days .. dun rub ! He stops Madhu from rubbing her eyes and blows air on it! Bg – Huye bawre ye naina! Raja closes in on Madhu ..! Madhu closes her eyes and Raja keeps moving closer to Madhu but stops! Raja says i love u .. dont want you to be scared of me.. i am sure one day you will come close to me willingly and coz you love me!

Part 2

Raja drives to the chawl ..! Madhu and Raja arrive at the chawl ..! Lela-Sweetie welcome them grandly! Lela asks Madhu to deck up for the puja! Madhu is taken aback! Sunny asks Madhu to run as he has already booked tickets for her to go to Mathura! Madhu says have an idea.. u go talk to Raja and divert him so i can run off!

Part 3

Raja asks Sunny to come and talk to him! He stays put! Lela says he is scared of u! Raja asks why? Am not dinosaur! Lela tells Madhu u look so pretty .. hope no evil eye falls on u! Raja puts kala tikka on Madhu ..! Raja says my evil eye will fall on u and Madhu says dont look at me then! Raja asks to start the ceremony but Sunny refuses to participate and Raja says fine .. i will remember how much u respected me! Lela begs Sunny to join in and he relents! Sunny is on his back and Raja sits on him ..! Madhu asks Raja to let Sunny go and Raja says join me in dance then and Madhu agrees! The song plays Chikni kamar and all dance! Madhu quietly slips out of the room! She comes down and right then Radha comes out of the taxi with Bittu! She is shocked to see Madhu married!

Precap — Madhu is talking to Raja who is in jail! she tells Raja that marriage doesnt mean u do whatever u want with me! Raja says .. jab patni se kiya pyaar to humse hua balatkaar!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

  1. atlast radha is back in the serial

  2. ok! atleat now this show will ,make sense….

  3. raja jail me? kiska balatkar ki h usne?

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