Mahabharat 27th September 2013 Written Episode Update

Mahabharat 27th September 2013 Written Episode, Mahabharat 27th September 2013 Written Update

Shakuni climbs up the hill and reaches to a bushy place where he is with so many arm mans and they are asking him why he has come to such an isolated and bushy place. Shakuni moves ahead and some lightening insects come up from the bush and he says that’s why he has come here so that he can take those insects with himself so that his sister gandhari wont be afraid of towards darkness as the insects will be twinkling with light. A Vulture named shukra comes and gives a message to him which he reads and gets annoyed and starts up shouting Dhritarashtra .

When Vishma is coming up from Gandhar , People are talking as Vishma is coming back from a war with Vidurg, but a man says as he had gone to Gandhar to ask for Dhritarashtra’s marriage proposal and says Vishma can never go into Wars.

Vishma comes to the Palace every one bows their head down and then he goes to his mother and Satyavati asks what blessings should she give him , Vishma says mother only wishes for the peace for her children , but Satyavati says when a state without king is there , the person who takes care of it , she can’t even sleep. She asks whether Gandhar’s Princess has been to there or not but Vishma denies and says she and her father will be reaching there bfore Akshya Tritiya.

Satyavati says she would have been more happy if they would have come there then but whatever has gone corrected according to him he did so. Vishma says to Ambika and Vatsa , that they should start preparing for her son’s marriage. They are to happy to listen to that. Satyavati says them that before the arrival of King Suval , they should send the stuffs for the bridal getup with the messengers. And she is happy that now the Singhasan will be secured. She says to announce all over the state before Akshaya Tritiya.

Dhritarastra is in the court and Pandu arrives . Pandu comes and Dhritarashtra asks does he know , how many steps the Singhasan is from the place he is standing. He says its 51, but dhritarastra says only one step left towards that chair. As once he gets married he will be sitting on that Chair. Pandu is Surprised to hear such things. He says he will be sitting on that chair and then his eyes will be sitting his queen.

On the other hand , a friend of Gandhari says , that jewelleries have come from Hastinapur, then she says she just wants to rule over her husband’s heart rather than the Hastinapur Subjects. Her Friend says Its difficult, but she says she will do it very easily with her beauty, on the other hand dhritarashtra says She will only be his eye. Nothing else. Pandu says I think he doesn’t believe in him, but Dhritarashtra says He needs an eye who can be with him forever, Pandu says Wife is needed in every field of life for a husband and when she comes a man’s life becomes successful, And Dhritarashtra denies , its just power which can be a path to success, and for him wife is only needed for his eyes.

On the other hand Gandhari says , she only wants her husband’s happiness and says he will always be with him and also her married life will be very much successful like her brothers and parents marriage.

Krishna comes and says Expections rule our life, A husband expects from wife, wife from her husband, children from their parents and parents from their children. Relationships become very complicated as Humanbeing are meant to expect, but if they can stop expecting and only can just go ahead with relationships then wouldn’t it be such a happy way to live.

Gandhari is in her room and Shukra comes with those lightening insects and gives her and she gets to realize that of course her brother would have also came there. Shakuni enters to the palace and Is very much angry and then His mother says him to be calm but he doesn’t listen to her. Shakuni aska whether a father or a son, he must chose. Suval says it’s the duty of a king, and shakuni is angry and says ofcourse to make his sisters wedding with dhritarastra is also his duty. He says its his love for her daughter or he has got any interest for developing his own state by mixing up with Hastinapur. He will destroy hastinapur badly, He will never leave that state, . Subal says he also loves his daughter. Shakuni says she will not let Gandhari to get married with a blind man , he will never let it happen. And Gandhari is behind who gets to listen that and stunned.

Episode ends.

Update Credit to: Celestial

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