Pavitra Rishta 27th September 2013 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 27th September 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 27th September 2013 Written Update

Purvi and Pari both are crying

Purvi is saying I’m sorry Arjun (thinking to herself)

Archu Manav and Gauri’s entry
Purvi tells Archana abt Arjun getting arrested. And was asking her to get Arjun out of jail
Archu pushes Purvi and started yelling at her.
Arey baba Arjun ko bahaar nikalo koi
Manav’s turn

Archu leaves K mansion saying I’ll never forgive u Purvi..
Manav’s screams
DK is the most sensible person..he tells Manav to come with him so tht they can bail Manav out

Police is taking Arjun’s statement
First Arjun says he didn’t know Soham was in his house..Police officer says so ur wife knew about all this right?Arjun says No she didn’t know anything about this
Officer Yelled-Then who knew about all this? Arjun lies saying he kept Soham in his house..
Aww bechaara

Manav DK in Kirloskar mansion.after talking with someone on phone DK tells Manav that Court is closed today as it is National holiday..Arjun has to spend whole night in jail. Purvi takes Pari and goes to her room after hearing this DK is very sad..says even after having money and all..i cant help my Son

Purvi is in her room..wearing same night gown She’s crying..she is feeling guilty..she says Arjun is in jail just coz of me..M sorry Arjun..i couldn’t even think of hurting u in my dreams..m so sorry
At same time Arjun is shown in jail..Arjun says he’s very hurt. Purvi broke his trust..He’s very disappointed with her

Archu Manav at Gauri’s place. Manav says they have bailed Arjun out..but he had to spend whole night in jail

Arjun is finally out aahh..Arjun comes home after spending one night in jail
Arjun ignores Purvi and goes to his room directly. He sees Pari lying on bed and starts playing with her. Purvi calls him..Arjun looks at her and ignores her

Purvi is trying to talk with him..he’s angry..He says he’s not gonna forgive her. He says She didnt care abt DK’s security..abt Pari’s security…and she didnt even tell him..
Instead of manaoing Arjun she’s manaoing Archu -__- Cv’s grrr
He’s not gonna forgive her..she’s broken his trust..and he’s nt angry coz he has to go to jail..he’s angry coz this all has affected his dad’s reputation. And leaves..Purvi is crying

Archu called DK..DK was nt there so purvi received his phone..Archu invited arjun and DK sir for dinner party. Purvi starts crying again..Dk comes and asks her what happened..she says Aai has invited all of us at her place dinner tonight..but she’ll not go. DK tells that she has to come with them and is consoling..aww dis scene was cute..Purvi’s head on DK’s shoulder and DK consoling his bahu

They all are at D one welcomed Purvi..she tries to talk with Archu..but fails..Gauri also taunts her..says u helped Soham who has tried to kill ur brother..I didn’t expect u would do this..Purvi is in Bedroom and is crying when Archu comes..Purvi says aai plz talk with me..plz forgive me.

Archu yelling why did u help Soham..Purvi says Soham is her Dada..Archu-What dada..that guy wud do anything to get Gauri..didnt u see what he did..Purvi says Dada aisa nai karsakta -__- (she has not learnt her lesson it seems)

DK comes there..he tells Archana to behave..that Purvi has nt done all this was a mistake..everyone makes Mistake..This girl Purvi worships u and u r behaving like this with her..U are a perfect example of Pavitra Rishta..why are u all behaving like this with her..she did mistake and is apologizing..

Later he apologized and said I couldnt control sorry..and that they’ll leave now.. He took purvi’s hand and left with her..Arjun also followed them. Archu crying
pehle Pati ko manao purvi..

Precap-Arjun and Pari sleeping..Arjun has his face covered with his hand..and Purvi is sad and is watching Arjun. Later she starts crying and turns to the opposite side.

Update Credit to: peachesnplums

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