Mahabharat 25th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Mahabharat 25th September 2013 Written Episode, Mahabharat 25th September 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with the army of Gandhar leaving the city gates, with the senapati shouting orders to organise the army. He shouts an order to close the main door to the palace, and he and Maharaj Saubal are seen standing on top of the castle looking out at the army approaching Gandhar.

A messenger comes forward and describes the vastness of the army that approaches. He claims that the speed of their coming is of such an extent that the sky is filled with dust. He states the army has come fully prepared for a long siege, and then we see Maharaj Saubal looking worried! He questions as to whose army this is. The messenger doesn’t know, he only caught a glimpse of the front chariot, and goes on to describe the view as though he was seeing Surya dev’s chariot itself. The chariot

has a white flag with the image of a golden tree. He descirbes the rider as being as striking as Surya dev and, covered in armour and muscles like iron pillars! He says his eyes are like coal fires and that he has the tilak of Chandradev. Saubal is looking twice as worried as before! One of the Brahmans beside him says this can be nobody apart from the greatest Kuru, the son of Shantanu, Bhishma himself!
*play Bhishma’s themetune*

Cut to the Palace of Ghandhar…Ghandhari s mother tells her that Hastinpur is coming to attack us. Ghandhari’s bhabhi (I assume she’s Shakuni’s wife) says that Ghadhar won’t be able to stand up to Hastinpaur as it has a very small army and doesn’t have much experience of war in recent times. The women look stressed…then Ghandhari turns and pulls out a sword! She holds it aloft and cries that she will join her father in this war. Her mother tries to stop her, but Ghandhari is adamant. She says that this war scares me just as much as the darkness does. She says if death has been decided then she’ll only die in battle

Fade to Krishna’s swan filled garden. He tells us that people’s hearts are always ruled by fear. Sometimes we’re worried about our belongings being destroyed, sometimes about being insulted etc, so everyone is accustomed to feeling scared. Krishna tells us that fear is only a kalpana and has nothing to do with how the future will play out; he asks how difficult it is to be rid of fear.
Cut back to Maharaj Saubal in Ghandhar. Hastinapur’s army has stopped outside the city gates and is waving the flag of friendship which is yellow. Saubal’s advisors are surprised as they thought Hastinapur was coming to attack them. Saubal is confused as to why they have come to show off their strength to Ghandhar. One of his bhramans says you only show off your strength to a friend if you want something from them.

Bhishma looks very regal as he steps down from his chariot and he comes face to face with Saubal, who welcomes him to Ghandhar. Saubal butters up Bhishma,comparing him to the Devtas etc. Bhishma says that he has come to his friend’s house to strengthen their bond…Saubal’s advisors look worried. Saubal and Bhishma hug and the soldiers cry “Ganga putra Bhishma ki JAY” (quite excitedly, most likely out of relief of not having to fight him!)

Ghandhari has done some jasoosi and tells her Bhabhi that Bhishma has come for friendship. Bhabhi says that Ghandhar narrowly avoided a huge calamity but Ghandhari wonders if Hastinapur is only pretending to be a friend. Bhabhi says she’s heard that Bhishma doesn’t lie and that his strength is unparalleled, and that he didn’t even lose against Parshuram (yeah well he didn’t win either LOL)

Ghandhari wants to see Bhsihma to find out if he matches up to the stories or if it’s just false praises. Bhabhi is worried as to what Bhishma has come to ask for.
Cut to Ghandhar rajmahal…Bhishma’s swagat is being done and he looks happy. He says he is certain that Saubal’s daughter and daughter-inlaw must be as cultured as he is. Saubal tries to cut to the point and ask Bhishma what he wants. Bhishma reminds Saubal that no other King has ever attacked him because he is protected by Hastinapur. Finally he gets to the point and puts forward a marriage proposal for Ghandhari.

Tense looks all around…Saubal’s wife gives him a THARKI BUDDHA look and reminds Bhishma of his bhramacharya oath LOL Bhishma looks at her as if he wants nothing better than to smack some sense into her and laughs. (really fake laughing literally HA HA HA ROFL)

He spells it out that Ghandhari will be married to a Kuru Rajkumar, not him…and Saubal’s wife inflates with joy! Smiles all around, esp when Bhishma says Ghandhari is like a daughter to him. Ghandhari blushes and runs off.

Saubal’s wife agin jumps the gun and says that they would never have found a husband as qualified as Pandu for their son-in law. Saubal also says the same. Bhishma looks tense, and says DHRITRASHTA! Tense faces AGAIN! Bhishma reasons that Pandu is the younger brother, eldest is Dhritrashta …and makes it clear that he wants Ghandari to marry Dhritrashta on account of her being blessed to have 100 sons. Saubal’s wife says that her daughter is sarvagn sampan and Dhritrashta is …(blind,but she doesn’t say so)Bhishma goes on to describe the virtues of Dhritrashta …still tense faces!

Cut to courtyard where Bhabhi is teasing Ghandhari.
Back to Bhishma…he tells Saubal he will profit from this wedding, going from Maharaj to a Samraat (Emperor). Saubal’s wife accuses Bhishma of threatening them with his might and being greedy. Bhishma replies that he only aims to bring Ghandhar into his family and that there is no question of greed when talking about family. He says that Ghandhar doesn’t have the power to make Hastinapur profit, but Ghandhar can profit from Hastinapur.

Back to Ghandhari. Bhabhi is still teasing her…
Bhishma again. He says that from his POV the Gods themselves have organised Ghandhari to be married to Dhritrashta. Bhishma says he’s not trying to force Saubal into accepting this marriage. Tension once again! Bhishma asks Saubal as to what is his final decision?

Cut to Ghandhari…who is thinking about what her future husband looks like. We’re shown shots of a youth dressed in armour. Ghandhari asks her Bhabhi what her husband’s name is, and Bhabhi teases her, saying that wives don’t take their husbands names. Ghandhari gets upset and asks again…Bhabhi says his name is Dhritrashta. Ghandhari begins her day dreaming!
Cut to Hasinapur where Dhritrashta is shown in an arena with cheering crowds.

Precap: Dhritrashta fighting with elephants! Saubal saying to his wife that he doesn’t know how he’ll manage to tell Ghandhari that he has sacrificed her happiness for the safety of Ghandhar’s citizens. He’s also worried about Shakuni’s reaction to this news. Shakuni is shown scaling a cliff!

Update Credit to: Bhavaani

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