Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 25th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 25th September 2013 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 25th September 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Adi and Pankhudi entering their home and Adi starts with his usual nok jhok. He asks whether you have kept my room in a good condition. And checks his cupboard and says you kept your clothes in my cupboard. Pankhudi says you came after a long time and saying all this. Adi says what he shall say that he missed her very much etc etc. Adi says you are not talking with me rightly. Pankhudi asks what is that? Adi hugs her while pyaara pyaara song plays. Adi says I missed you so much, I never thought that I will come to this room again. I didn’t know that I will hold you again. Pankhudi asks him to shave his beard as it is paining her. Harish comes there with Avantika and asks him to leave Pankhudi.

Harish asks Adi and Pankhudi to close the door

and romance. Adi says you needs to knock on the door before coming in the room. Pankhudi says to Harish, why you didn’t tell me that Adi is coming back. Harish tells Avantika that pankhudi has become tough like her. Adi says she has become like my mom. Avantika says she is happy and proud of her, the way she has handle Chachaji and his family. Adi says I just like my room. Avantika says I don’t believe what they have gone through. Chachiji says they should not have hidden the truth about Revathi but what to do as they are daughter’s parents. Sheela says but truth will come out. Chachiji says so much happened on the engagement day and blames Pankhudi. She asks who will look after Revathi. Chachaji says he understood everything as Pankhudi did this to show them down. She asks Sheela whether Revathi will be at her mother’s place at her life and what will happen after her dead. Chachaji blames Pankhudi and asks for Anuj’s opinion. Anuj says he have to do something. Pankhudi cries says Adi came back because of you and asks Avantika did they trouble Adi? Meanwhile Adi is trying to hear the saas- bahu talk. Avantika and Pankhudi hugs and cries. Kaira comes to them and asks why they are crying. Harish tells Rubel that ladies are crying. Adi says we aren’t understanding your crying language. Pankhudi says how insensitive, you are joking? Avantika says men are insensitive.

Chachiji asks Anuradha about Revathi. She says she is her room. Chachiji and Kapil asks her to mind her own business. She says earlier it was only Pankhudi, but now Adi came. Anuradha and Revathi will be tigress now. She says why Revathi is born, Chachaji shouts at her. She says she wants her well being……

Govardhan mama comes to Pankhudi’s mom house and says Adi came back home and demands ras malai from her. She says she will give him as it is an auspicious occasion. Mamaji says
Dadaji says he is amazed to know that Pankhudi handled home and family. Harish says we shall leave now. Adi asks can you stay here. Avantika says not till we expose Chachaji and chachiji.

Avantika says we have to bring Chachaji and Chachiji on the right path. She asks Rubel and Adi to manage everything. Rubel says they will manage as they are together now. Adi talks with Nanu’s photos and asks him can’t you come down for sometime. He gets emotional. Pankhudi says Nanu left the love here. Avantika tells them that you need to be careful. Avantika says these people are very smart and we need to be smarter than them. She asks Rubel to be careful specially in office.

Chachiji says we have to do something. Chachaji says they tried to frame Adi but he got freed. Chachaji and Chachiji gets tensed. Adi binds Pankhudi and takes her to the rooftop. Pankhudi is happy to see the decorations. Kaira brings Revathi there. Adi tells her that he is proud of her. Pankhudi asks Rubel, did anyone saw you. Rubel says Latika went out. Kaira asks Adi, why you invited us here. Adi says to meet each other. Pankhudi says Revathi then sing something. Revathi smiles. Anuradha comes and gives them kheer. Adi asks why? Anuradha says for Revathi’s decision. Anuradha says she saw Rubel coming there. Rubel hides after hearing Sheela’s voice. Sheela comes to Adi and says she couldn’t meet him and says she has kept so many fast for him. Sheela takes the bowl and starts eating kheer. Rubel comes and tells Sheela that he was searching for her. And asks how can you support Adi. Adi says she came to meet him. Sheela says she is with the truth. Rubel asks her not to cover up and says he will go to Latika’s home. Sheela asks him not to go. Rubel sits beside Adi. Adi laughs. Pankhudi says you should not speak with mamiji like that. Rubel says it’s ok.

Adi tells them that Rubel is having the birthday after 3 days. Rubel says he will celebrate the birthday with his family. Kaira says Revathi shall sing. Chachiji says Revathi, Anuradha and Pankhudi can’t be quiet and says they have to do something. Kapil says he had planned everything and calls someone and says let’s attack. Meanwhile Adi and Pankhudi is smiling.

Pankhudi asks Chachiji and Chachaji to pack their bags as very soon they will go from this house. They are shocked.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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