Mahabharat 25th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Mahabharat 25th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on
The episode begins with, bhishma requests arjun to bring shikhandani in the war field. Shikhandani is standing on burning fire place meditating , the fire goes off she says yashkraj why are u not letting me meditate u have to make arrangements to let me enter the warfield or i shall accept death bcoz this life of mine is of no use if i cant kill bhishma n then she says i have decided to accept death n jumps into fire. Duryodhan says till shikhandani is women she cant enter the battle n hence no one can kill bhishma n that’s a good news for us, karna says but still we need to be aware of her since she is blessed by lord mahadev. Draupadi says we shd give shikhandani a chance, sahadev says but that looks like impossible , bheem says though bhishma has decided not to attack us we are left with few soldiers n that can defeat us, sahadev says we need to bring shikhandani in the battle or our victory is impossible. Krishna says shikhandani has mahadevs blessing n they wont go waste arjun asks how will it will help her n shikhandani enters , Krishna goes to her n removes the cloth which hide her face , all are shocked to when they know that shikhandini that yashkraj blesses her n converts her into man for a day for a dayn for that day she will be called as shikhandi n no one will question her, shikhandani says by tomorrow bhishma will be killed n draupadi don’t mourn when i have to accept death bcoz that is why i was born for. Mamashri informs duryodhan that Krishna has trapped us n shikhandani has turned to man for a day n this means bhishma is endangered n so is our victory, but we have a good news we shd stop bhishma from going to warfiled n so u go n stop bhishma. Duryodhan goes to bhishma n informs him abt shikhandini n so he shd quit the war field , bhishma says its against my dharma n so i cant quit war field duryodhan says ur dharma is to follow my orders , bhishma says i have been waiting for devi amba since years n so i shall not leave this opportunity n will surely face shikhandani tomorrow. Yudishtir says bhishmas whole life is of greatness n attack him is like attacking god, bheem says we always felt next to god when we had bhishma with us n from tomorrow we will lose him, drupad says we have no option we have to kill him , drishtvyum says why mourn now from day 1 we were planning to kill bhishma why this discussion now, draupadi says Krishna u show us a way to come out of this feelings now, Krishna says we always attack the opposite n this keeps us away from success n a way to come out of this feeling of urs will only be given by bhishma.

Precap: Bhishma says for all the wrong things i was associated with i shd be sentenced to death.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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