Mahabharat 23rd September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Mahabharat 23rd September 2013 Written Episode, Mahabharat 23rd September 2013 Written Update

The episode started with Naam Karan of the three new borns.
Satyabati feed them honey one by one while the pandit’s did the tilak. Ambika’s son was named Dritarastra because everything was stagment before he was born. People were waiting for him to be born. Ambika’s son was named Pandu. Pandu means who has a white aura around him. The pandit said in order to brighten the whole world his name is kept as pandu. Satyavati gave away 3 villages and 100 cows as gurudakshina.

Bhishma brought the dasi’s child cradling in his arms. He declared that the naam karan vishi is still incomplete as the child in his arms was yet to be named. Satyavati was upset due to this act of bhishma. Bhisham reminded satyavati that the child was not only of a worker but that of her own son Vyasdev.

He further declared that the child will grow up along with the other two prince.
Satyabati refused to take the baby in her arms. But bhishma forcefully let her hold the child. His naamkaran was done. Guru Kripacharya declared that dritarastra was born with a ruling luck and Pandu with patience and for them to rule a kingdon they would need education. He child was name Vidhur as he would be one of the most educated only in shastra but also have immense gyan on ruling an empire.
Very one cheered for their princes.

Amba reached hastinapur in the midest shocking everyone specially satyavati. Amba declared that she wasnot there to receive dyan but to ask bhishma what would be like to embrace, their marriage or his death? She presented before Parashuram’s weapon and one of his ornament which everyone recongnized.
Satyavati asked amba to join their family instead of creating fights to which amba challenged satyavati what she has given to her sisters? Widowed? Niyog? And Abnormal childen? She said she did not want anything from them except bhishma’s downfall.

Lord Krishna’s sheekh.
He said future thy name is fight. If someone doesnot get desired result from his present he/she tries to fulfill it in his/her future. They start preparing for the same. But life neither stays in past nor in future. Life is meant to be lived in present. But we either think about our past or we start thinking about our further forgetting that our life is to live for present and life moves on. If we try to think that we cannot see our futher and with that if we start leading our life with patience and strength and then welcome our future then our life will become happier.

Bhishma reached where parashuram called him and asked him to fight him. He also said if bhishma took the route of dharma then he will never loss the battle. Parashuram stopped him from taking his blessings. Parashuram accused him for a crime. Parashuram said he believes bhishma but not amba. So he would like him to fight and prove that he was right always.

Bhishma converted Parashuram’s fire balls into flower petals. Then while bhishma was taking parashuram’s blessings, his guru punched him hard. Both of them fell in the water and parashuram continued to punch him. But bhishma did not fight back. When parashuran took him out of the water and asked why bhishma was not fighting with him, he said he will not box with his gurudev. Parashuram reminded him that he was his guru and that as a shishaya he was supposed to do what his gurudev states.
Bhishma broke the tree trunk into piece ,which parashuram aimed towards bhishma, with his arm.

Parashuram and Bhishma ivoked their divyastra during their fight and Maa Ganga, prayed to lord shiva to stop them.

Update Credit to: appy_indy

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