Amita Ka Amit 23rd September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Amita Ka Amit 23rd September 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 23rd September 2013 Written Update

The epi begins with Amit telling Amu she has only 2 options – baby or me. She looks up at him in shock. You have to decide. She takes a step back and picks the baby in her arms. They both keep looking at each other as she starts walking out of the room holding the baby. She is crying as she kisses the baby while walking out of the room. He watches her go…he too is crying. Amu stands in front of the Ganpati idol. She recalls Amit’s harsh words and cries harder.

Amit is looking at their pic in his room. His tears fall on the photo frame. I am sorry Amita….I am really really sorry. I wish I could tell you what’s the truth….yet I know that you would not care about yourself and choose the baby. But I….cannot lose you Amita. No, I cannot! You might call me selfish…its

ok, I am but I cannot lose you as I love you very much. He keeps caressing her picture. I am not as brave as you but I cannot afford to lose you any which way. I cannot live without you. He is crying as he hugs the photo.

Batuk and Shilpa come back and are greeted by Nani. Baa says we dint have our time with the baby yet and you came already. If I would have been known you would be back so early I would have given you a long list. Shilpa says we too cannot stay away from the baby for long now. Where is my golu? Nani tells them he just woke up. Just then, Amu comes with the baby. Shilpa takes him from Amu and kisses him affectionately. Amu gets emotional looking at them. Batuk asks her if he dint disturb her much. She assures him nothing as such. He asks for Amit. He isn’t picking his phone. I am trying to call him since so long. She tells him to go to their room. He must be there only. She excuses herself to get water for them. Batuk gets up to go talk to Amit.

Amit is sitting lost in his room when Batuk comes there. Something regarding Amu again? Amit says its you only with whom I share everything but not today. I want to be alone for some time. Batuk nods. You take care of yourself. Call me when you feel better. He leaves.

Ria is lighting candles…setting the mood basically lol. I am ready for our super special night. Now come soon I am waiting for you only. Take me in your arms and say….Nani calls out to her ( 😛 ). She quickly blows out the candles and rushes to go to Nani. She pretends to be lying down when Baa and Nani open the door. They say we have been looking for you. Is this the time to sleep? This is the time to do something else. She nods. I too was thinking the same. Baa mentions Ganpati aarti. She is holding onto the quilt. I am not feeling well….feeling feverish. I would be able to join you. Nani points out she is feeling cold yet the as is on. She mumbles I forgot. Nani asks if she wants more quilts.
Tina comes asking loudly if everything is set. Nani and Baa get confused. About Ganpati visarjan tomorrow? Ria nods. Almost everything is done it will be done soon. Tina nods. Ria and Tina exchange glances.


Amu is sitting in her room when Amit comes in. He stands quietly before her. She says…if you have come to seek apology then I must tell you, you wont get it easily. Whatever you have done… He cuts her off mid sentence. I have come to know your decision. She looks at him disbelievingly. Why are you acting stubborn? Do you know what you are saying? What has happened to you? He tells her we have spoken all this earlier as well. I have come here to know what have you decided. She starts crying. Why are you talking like this? I know you don’t like babies but you can’t be so stone hearted. Why are you doing this? Send my Amit back you cannot be my Amit. My Amit cannot ever think this way. He wont say this ever. Why are you doing this? Say please. She breaks in tears. He is affected but he cannot show it. Composing himself he repeats his question. Will you go for an abortion or not? She stares at him and takes a step back. What did you say? He repeats his question. She cannot believe he just said that. She says….go away from here right at this moment. Go away! Do you even know what you are saying to me? Do you even realise how big a sin this is? She is shouting at him. What do you think of yourself? You want to kill my baby? I cannot live with a person whose mindset is so low. Just go Amit. She turns the other way round and starts crying. He is pained to see this but leaves quietly. He closes the door behind him.

He sits on the sofa of the drawing room whereas she lies down on the bed. Doc’s words echo in Amit’s ears about the baby being a danger to baby’s life whereas inside Amu is thinking over Amit’s words. They both are sad thinking about everything.

Next morning, Baa, Nani and Kirath wish each other good morning. They notice Amit sitting on the couch in drawing room and are confused. Kirath wakes him up. Why were you sleeping here? He makes an excuse of coming home late so dint thought to disturb Amu. But Nani counters saying you came back early yesterday then why you slept here. Amit nods. Came back early but was working late night so dint realise when I fell asleep. Nani tells him to go get ready fast. Have breakfast and then Baa will distribute tasks to everyone. He wears his specs and goes to get ready. Seems like no one believed him.

Amit joins everyone for breakfast. Nani asks for Amu. He answers differently. She must be here only. Baa gets worried for her. What if she gets into an emergency will be searching here and there then? You should know for sure about her whereabouts. He apologizes to her. I will just go and check. She is coming from the other end and they both stop as soon as they notice each other. She sits with everyone and Amit too. He asks for something from her. She tells him it is near him only. Take it yourself. Everyone notices this including Ria and Rohan as well. Nani asks Amu if she wants to eat something else then she can tell. Amit offers an apple but Amu declines. I am not hungry. Nani insists to eat but Amu stays put. She leaves from there. Everyone is tensed. Baa asks Amit why she dint have breakfast. Tell us the truth what’s happening. Nani puts it on mood swings. Don’t worry.

Everyone has gathered to do puja. Amit is standing in a corner all alone. Nani gives the thaali to Amu and calls Amit to join them for the aarti. With a determined face (angry even) she joins Amu. They begin the puja together. She looks at him but he is staring straight at the idol. She recalls him asking about abortion and his giving options to her. She takes her hand off the thaali and folds her hands to pray. Amit and Nani notice this gesture of hers. He continues doing the puja nonetheless. She is silently crying while praying.

Shah family is at some river to do Ganpati visarjan. All the people around and some from Shah Family are chanting Ganpati Bappa Morya and dancing happily. AA are lost in their own thoughts. Amit keeps the idol down on the ground and Rohan too helps. He calls out to Amu as she wanted to see the visarjan. She declines. I am not feeling like it. You do it. Nani is standing next to her only and is sad. What is it Amu? You look so upset on this auspicious day. When guests come home we go to drop them at the station. This is Ganpati ji. Wont you go to drop him? Plus you have told so many times you love watching it. You have come till here…now take a step farther as well. I know there’s something going on in your mind. You can tell Ganpati ji if not me. He will take all your problems away. With him your troubles can be drowned here as well. But be careful and stay with Amit. She starts walking towards Amit who is doing puja. He calls out for another cheer and then he and Rohan lift the idol again. Amit and Rohan are busy doing the visarjan. She stands next to him and starts praying. She is about to take a step forward towards the river when Amit pulls her back. Leave me. Everyone is shocked to see her reaction. He says if I wouldn’t have saved you today then you would have fallen. She retorts…it would have been better if it wasn’t you. She walks away from there, whereas Amit stands there hurt and tensed.

Precap: Everyone has gathered in the living area in Shah House. Kirath asks AA what’s happening. Amu says I will tell you. He (Amit) wants me to abort the baby. Kirath gets furious….leave this home right away. Amit agrees to go. But let me tell you one thing Amita…my decision wont change. Nani consoles a crying Amu as Amit makes an exit.

Update Credit to: pooja

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