Mahabharat 1st May 2014 Written Episode Update

Mahabharat 1st May Written Episode, Mahabharat 1st May 2014 Written Update on

The episode begins with, balram asks Krishna did he knew abt the situation of dwarika, Krishna says yes i even tried stopping it but this situation has gone out of hands balram says its all fault of yudishtir he shdnt have betted on draupadi Krishna says its not yudishtirs or duryodhans fault but the fault of wrong meaning of dharma which was followed in the sabha all thought following their principles was dharma if one of the members of dut sabha had objected on it this situation wouldn’t have occurred , this world has lost the principle of humanity n its time to teach whole world abt right way to follow dharma n humanity, balram says in dwarika its easy to teach abt these but wat abt the whole world n abt the war , Krishna says war will take place since all have lost their humanity and so we have to join the war.

Abhimanyu is practising archery duryodhan mamamshri n dushasan arrive duryodhan asks whose face are u trying to shoot abhimanyu says it was ur face duryodhan, duryodhan says but how can u kill me it was ur uncle bheems promise of killing me n my brothers n ur father wants to kill angraj karna so wat will u do abhimanyu says in tat case i will kill ur sons n every person among whose body dritrashtras blood flows , duryodhan says there are two more people who u can kill n who have chosen my side n walks towards the pots towards which abhimanyu was aiming n draws feather on it indicating Krishna n balram , abhimanyu fails to shoot that pot duryodhan lifts the arrow n laughs at him abhimanyu says I couldn’t shoot at it bcoz mamashri balram n Krishna will never be on adharma side balram comes there n says ur right abhimanyu now go wait for me i will come n teach u gadha yudh abhimanyu leaves mamashri says balram i hope u remember ur promise balram says yes but i said i will not be on pandavas side but tat dosent mean i am on ur side duryodha says wat abt ur army n Krishna balram says both the decisions Krishna will give u go n meet him he said who will arrive in front of him first he will fulfil tat persons wish n also remember on side Krishna is tat side will surely win mamashri says duryodhan go fast n arrive in front of Krishna . on other side subhadra informs abt the same to arjun and asks him to rush aswell .

Krishna is lying on a swing with eyes closed , arjunreaches Krishna but shocked to see duryodhan besides Krishna but sees krishnas eyes are closed arjun goes n sits near the feet of Krishna , Krishna opens his eyes n sees arjun he ask arjun y is he sitting in his feet n ask him to sit beside arjun says look their even duryodhan is here Krishna says sorry u wer behind so couldn’t see u , n asks arjun y is he here duryodhan says i arrived 1st so u shd fulfil my wish Krishna says though u arrived 1st i saw arjun 1st so it will be his turn.

Krishna says on one side its me without weapon n on other its my whole army u have a choice between the two…

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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