Mahabharat 1st January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Mahabharat 1st January 2014 Written Episode, Mahabharat 1st January 2014 Written Update

The episode begins with a soldier of Hastinapur bringing the sack of rice to the Pandavas in Varnavrat. Bhima jokes that why has he only brought rice, if sugar and ghee had also been brought then they could have made a lovely kheer. Everyone smiles, but then they notice something moving inside the sack.
Arjun cuts the sack to find a small white rat inside. Nakul catches it and Sahadev makes a joke on how the rice is sullied now so Bhima can’t make kheer. Nakul replies that nothing is sullied due to animals, only humans have that power. Arjun wonders why Vidhur sent them a rat as a gift. Bhima says it must have accidently come inside the bag of rice. Arjun and Yudhishtir share a worried glance but cover it up by agreeing with Bhima. The Pandavas then finish their prayer for Pandu.


Hastinapur Shakuni and Duryodhan are looking at the moon. Shakuni says a few nights ago it was a full moon giving off so much light. Now there is only a small cresent of light left and soon it will be amavas ki raat (new moon) where the light will leave the Pandavas forever. Duryodhan says that Ramchandra obtained victory on the night of amavas, and everyone celebrated Diwali on that day. He says tomorrow’s amavas will also be like Diwali to me. Shakuni agrees but says this is only possible if Karna doesn’t cause any problems. Duryodhan says he has full faith in Karna.
Shakuni says that tomorrow Purvochan will set the house of Lac on fire.

Adirath comes to visit Bhishma in the palace. Bhishma senses that Adirath is very distressed about something. Adirath asks to leave the palace and his job. Bhishma guesses that Adirath’s problem is about Karna.
Eventually Adirath says that Karna is bound by his friendship and that soon something terrible will happen to Pandu’s sons in Varnavrat. Bhishma declares that he won’t let anything like that happen, grabs his sword and storms off.

In the House of Lac, Arjun tells his brothers how Krishna shaved off Rukmi’s head with his Sudarshanchakra. Yudhishtir is still wondering why Vidhur sent them a rat as a gift.
Bhima teases Nakul about standing infront of the mirror again. Nakul teases Bhima and everyone has a good laugh. Then they tease Arjun for dressing up like a woman.
While they laugh and joke they don’t notice that the palace is melting around them.

At Hastinapur Bhishma is getting ready to leave. He gets on a horse and rides off.

Dushasan comes running to Duryodhan and Shakuni to tell them about Bhishma. Shakuni explains that Karna must have shown his pain of being part of the plan on his face. He tells Duryodhan not to worry, as they can always speed up the plan for tonight. Shakuni says they will send a quiet message to Purvochan. Shakuni’s eagle Shukra arrives.

Bhishma is shown racing towards Varnavrat on his horse, but Shukra reaches there before him. Purvochan tells his people that Shakuni has sent an order to set fire to the palace tonight.

Precap: The Pandavas have discovered that the house of lac is made from flammable materials and that they have been placed in a trap to burn them alive.

Update Credit to: Bhavaani

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