Doli Armaanon Ki 1st January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Doli Armaanon Ki 1st January 2014 Written Episode, Doli Armaanon Ki 1st January 2014 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Function venue
The ceremonies continue, while samrat performs the kanyadaan nonchalantly, and urmi uis filled with dreams galore in her eyes about her new life with him. All are excited and happy for the couple. the hawan ends, and the pheras begin finally. She almosyt slips in one, but samrat holds her and makes her walk through with him. The pheras finish and the sindoordaan starts. Samrat performs the ritual, and then makes her wear the mangalsutra too. For the next ritual, while buaji and rashmi have a fight, buaji wins and makes urmi wear the jewellery on her feet, blessing her to be happy always. the priest announces the marriage to have been done and asks the couple to take the blessings with the elders. They comply, while all bless. As samrat

begins to find his shoes, anu and other girls come to demand for money, in lieu of shoes, while all are amused. samrat gives in resignedly while ishaan asks anu to take as much as possible. Samrat stops at the last minute and gives twice the amount that they asked for, cheering the girls beyond belief. urmi is happy with smrat’s gesture too.

Finally the palanquin is brought in. all get emotional and overwhelmed to see this. Urmi begins the final ritual.Her mother says that now she would have to start her new life on her own and take care of herself. she takes her blessings and moves on to her father, and hugs him tightly. She talks to trisha’s father about trisha not having talked to her. He dials up trisha’s number. Trisha picks up and is tensed, to hear urmi’s voice saying that she’s leaving, as urmi breaks down into crying. Trisha too is unable to control herself. She cancels the phone. He assures her that trisha would come to meet her. Then during bidai time, Urmi is crying and meeting all her family members. At a distance, Samrat says what nonsense. It feels as if there’s some punishment that the girl is going to be meted out with. He is shocked to find ishaan crying, and asks why. Ishaan says that he wont understand. samrat says that he doesnt want to. If she wants to stay there, then let her stay here only, and they shouldnt bother giving her away at all. Mausi, trisha’s mother hears this and is tensed at such an attitude towards rituals, by samrat.

Samrat’s father tells him to drive the car slow along with the palanquin, and he is irritated with that. he gets in the car. Urmi is seated in the palanquin. She is crying incoherently, while her family members too are emotionally distraught.

Scene 2:
Location: samrat’s residence
As samrat and urmi enter the house, after the rasam of the shagun for the bhabhi and groom’s sister, which irritates samrat, but he doesnt show it on the face, and after samrat asks his father to give it instead of him himself, and his mother does the arti, and urmi does the griha pravesh, a relative suggests that they should have the Muh Dikhayi ceremony rightaway. But samrat defiantly says that they have had enough rituals, and there’s no need for anymore. Urmi is shocked at samrat’s cold and rude attitude towards these rituals, which mean very much to her. All are shocked too. the screen freezes on urmi’s face.

Precap: samrat’s bhabhi tells him that he would have to play the game of finding the ring in the milk, along with urmi so that they can determine that who would have the say in their relationship, being the dominant one. samrat says that where he is, only his opinion matters, and noone else’s. Urmi is shocked to hear such a statement.

Update Credit to: RIMJHIM

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