Mahabharat 17th January 2014 Written Episode Update

Mahabharat 17th January 2014 Written Episode, Mahabharat 17th January 2014 Written Update

1. Draupadi is near a river. Her little friend comes there and pacifies her, asks her to ask for forgiveness from her father. But Draupadi says she will ask for forgiveness only if she is wrong but she isn’t. She looks sadly when a peacock feather lands on the river surface. She looks back. Krishna comes in his chariot. He asks if she is going to jump inside. He keeps teasing her, She is annoyed. She asks who he is. He says his name is Krishna Vasudev and Draupadi looks at him with surprise.

2. At the palace, Draupad and Dhristadhyumn are atop horses and Dron comes there to bless Draupad’s son. But Draupad isn’t in a mood for any friendliness and asks Dhrishtadhyumn to attack his enemy. Dron again says that he wont fight and if he decided to fight, all his army would be destroyed along with his son and turns to go.

3. Draupad stops Dron with an arrow and again asks his son to fulfill his birth purpose. Dhristadhyumn gets down from the horse. Dron sits down and starts to meditate. DhristaDhyumn comes forward with his sword, at that moment a thunder is heard and a gadh appears in the air, sucking in DhristaDhyumn’s sword. Everyone are shocked.

4. Krishna comes forward in his Chariot. Dron and he exchange greetings. Draupad is angry. Asks him who he is. He wants to know if he came here to save Dron. Krishna says he came to save Draupad from doing any adharma.

5. Draupad isn’t listening and wants to attack. Krishna’s gadh starts rotating even more faster with his finger movements, sucks in all the arrows sent by Draupad. Draupad orders his army to attack Krishna, the entire army weapons is sucked inside. Draupad still doesn’t give up.

6. Krishna says that he is left with no choice and he sends the gadh to attack Draupad. At that moment, Draupadi forces herself as a barrier between the gadh and Draupad

Precap for Monday:
Draupadi tells Krishna that he cannot attack her father. Draupad is shocked. Krishna smiles at the situation.

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