Jee Le Zara 17th January 2014 Written Episode Update

Jee Le Zara 17th January 2014 Written Episode, Jee Le Zara 17th January 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Saanchi thinking about her problems. She thinks what to do as the bank loan is not possible. How to manage Prachi’s party. She wonders what to do. She says, two people can help me ie, Papa and Dhruv and both are not with me now. She feels helpless. She hears Dhruv’s voice. Jee Le Zara sad version plays…….She recalls about their past moments. She says, where are you Dhruv. She comes in her balcony and imagines Dhruv in his balcony. Dilshaad comes and asks what you are searching? She asks, if you are missing him then why you left him. Saanchi says, how could I break his family. Saanchi hugs her and cries. Dilshaad says, you did right and good will happen with you as God is watching you and He will support you. He has to support you. She assures everything will be fine soon. Addu tells Dilshaad that he is worried for Tai. Dilshaad says, every love story have to face challenges. I will unite them. She asks him to get ready for a plan.

Dhruv is drinking. His mom comes and says I want to talk to you. Dhruv asks what? Dhruv has become devdas. He asks, what do you want to talk? His mom says, other family is also hurting because of you. She says, Ankita was in your room all night. Dhruv asks, so what? He says, I was unconscious. His mom says, this is India and Ankita’s face told everything. Suparna comes to Yash and asks, you didn’t sleep yet. Yash says, I don’t have time to sleep. It was Dhruv’s work. Suparna asks him to tell Anway to work as he is the eldest son.

Suparna says, your son will make you win the race. Yash says, Dhruv is a idiot. Suparna says, I have a plan to get him out of this. She asks him to get DV engaged. Yash asks him to explain. Suparna asks him to get Dhruv engaged to Ankita before he gets consciousness. Yash looks on and then agrees.

Saanchi calls her employees and says I called you all as you are as my family. Our clients are returning our jams and saying it is rotten. Loss will be recovered but what about our respect? How we will recover the respect. She asks, where is the problem? In which department? Her workers says, Jam is delivered in a good condition from here. But don’t know where it spoils. Mugdha says, we checked the lot before delivery.

Anway gives the call to Yash. Yash says I will talk later and tells Dhruv that he needs to talk to him. Dhruv asks, why you are wasting your time as you can see my condition is not good. Yash says, a father have to hold on his son. Dhruv says I will give you a chance to hold me. Dhruv asks, what do you want to say? Yash says, why you are talking immaturely. I sacrificed the best years of my life for you as I care for you son. Dhruv says sorry for his bad investment. He says, I am your fixed deposit without maturity date. Yash says, I can’t see you ruin. Dhruv says, I am already ruined.

Saanchi asks Yadav, whether there is any problem in transportation. Yadav says, transport guys are loyal like their workers. Yash says, I have decided to get you engage. Dhruv asks, why you want to ruin someone’s life. I am finished. Yash says, she loves you and wants to revive your life. He tells him about Ankita. Dhruv says, I will not allow my friend to ruin her life. She is just my friend, I don’t love her. Yash says, but she loves you. She is ready for everything. Dhruv says, I will talk to her. Yash says, what is your problem? Dhruv says you wants to experiment. Yash says ok, no issues. He is adamant to do what he decides. Dhruv says I don’t care.

Prachi calls Saanchi and asks her when you will come as party organisers will come. She asks her to give them a cheque. Saanchi says, I will manage. Aaji and Nani comes. Prachi says, Saanchi agreed. Aaji says, how we will enjoy with hefty bills. Prachi says, first baby is coming and you cares about money. Nani asks her to calm down. Yash’s cheque falls from Saanchi’s file. Saanchi looks on.

Saanchi comes to someone, may be bank manager and says sorry uncle. He asks, have you decided? Saanchi says yes. He says, I never thought you will do this. Saanchi says, I needs money.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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