Mahabharat 16th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Mahabharat 16th September 2013 Written Episode, Mahabharat 16th September 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with…ofcourse the Title Track!! Showing most of the main characters!! From Bhishma to Draupadi!!!

And then we are taken to a grand ride on the Waters of Ganga from within the mountains (beautifully shot!! ) And where Shantanu is sitting in arm lock with Satyavati

Shantanu is telling her that she the one where he get peace …They exchange some lovey dovey talks…and then they see a golden fish approaching them…Satyavati is hunting it…and gets injured!!
Shantanu puts meds on her injury!! And tells her to control her desire…but Satyavati the ambitious woman that she is justifies her ambition!! Shantanu laughs at it

We then leave them and come amonst the green and blue atmosphere..and hayeee…Krishna wondering amongs the most beautiful

valley …waters and greeen trees and flowers and what beautfy He tells us about the human being being surrounded by his desires…how a desire defines his personna…and that is what led to the Mahabharata

His peacock feather flies and takes us to a small village of Hastinapur…We have Hastinapur being looted by serveral weird looking demons!!

Everyone crying for Their king Shantanu!!…A small boy beats the drum to inform the King…a woman is crying that who will save HAstinapur as there is a curse on Hastinapur, and that has to be cured by a Yagna which cannot be performed as Shantanu has no wife!!!

We seee Devadut running across!!!! He comes and saves the littel boy by flying in between the little boy and Rakshas!! He challenges Rakshas Ida
and trashes them left and right!!! He overpowers Ida and tells him not to enter the premises of Bharatvanshis…Rakshas say that Bharatvanshis violate their boundaries…so our Pledge expert Devdutt romises the Rakshas that Bharatvanshis and Rakshas will keep to their own territory and has them free the villagers…

Shantanu comes and attacks the Rakshas…He tells him that Rakshasas have surrendered and now they should not be attacked!!! Shantanu’s big time Ego gets hurt!!! So he says that he cannot be commanded and what authority does the young man have…they argue on their capabilities and Shantanu tells Devvrat to show his capabiities!!! how will he let the Rakshas get away…Devdutt says that Ganga will stop her flow..and will create a way for the Rakshas

Shantanu is sad…and says that Ganga stops for noone!!! Devdutt pulls out his bow

Devadutt comes forward and shoots the arrow in the air..the arrows go towards the sky and then do a sommersault and stops the flow of Ganga…Shantanu is totally flumoxed and he says that how come this happened and how Ganga heard the boy!! Ganga comes out of Ganga (But it is beautifully shot..the high shot where the whole army and the surroundings are shown…and then Ganga coming out..very wonderful!! )and says that a mother always listens to his son!!

She tells Shantanu that Devdutt is her and Shantanu’s son! and that before 25 years the promise she had made she is fulfilling and now giving her son back to him!! She introduces father and son and they meet as father and son

Shantanu comes to Satyavati who gauges his happiness and asks for the reason of his the celebrations in Hastinapurs…he tells her that his son is back!!! Satyavati loses all her smiles..and then taunts Shantanu on moving here and selling fish along with her!! Shantanu laughs at it and thinks she is joking..But Satyavati tells him that she will not marry him as his son is now the prince…and her sons have no chance of becoming the king!!! Shantanu tells her to stop the nonsense..but Satyavati gives him weird examples of no grass under a big tree!!
Shantanu leaves her …and reaches the Mahal (Fantastic Sets!!! Absolute grandeur!! )
He enters and looks at the throne with kind of a resignation!! Just then Devvrata enters wearing only Dhoti

He sees Shantanu upset and asks if everything is alright..Shantanu says nothing and announces him as the Prince!!

They bath him in the middle of the Darbar with milk and crown him prince (Very good Background music!!)
They all hail him as he gets ready as a prince…Shantanu looks at him…with pride and sadness…
Devavrut feels the sadness of his father …and vows to find the reason of his sadness…
Devavrutt flies off to the village of Satyavati in the pursuit of truth!! Satyavati after giving a lot of idioms and examples and taunts reveals that it is Devavrutt himself who is the source of this unhappiness as he will be the prince and that is the precise reason Satyavati wont marry Shantanu…She is worried not only about her sons..but also those sons of her sons who will have forgotten the art of catching fish

Devavrata is astonished at this!! Satyavati says that Shantanu cannot have it all…he has to choose!!
He says that he will resolve this and goes towards Ganga…cuts his hand..the blood drop mingle with the river water and a volcano kind of errupts from the water ..the sky becomes red…as Devavrata goes on to take a pledge which will change the fate of a country forever and give way to the biggest battle on earth!! Mahabharat!!!!

Precap: Devavrata takes the pledge and Shantanu blesses him with “Icchamrityu” (Death on wish) and names him Bhishma…1!!!

Update Credit to: Srushti

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