Mahabharat 16th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Mahabharat 16th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, abhimanyu greats bhishma n asks for blessings , bhishma saks who are u n how dare u create a wall in front of me, abhimanyu says im arjun n subhadras son and takes his position to attack he asks bhishma why aren’t u taking ur position bhishma says at the age of knowledge gain n play ur here fighting this makes me feel ashamed of me n i can see my future generation dying in front of me , u are my grandson i can only give u blessings so go away , abhimanyu says i wont go i was born to fight for my mother draupadi so u have to attack me, bhishma says i cant if i weren’t bound of my promises i would have given by weapons n i give u orders to go away abhimanyu says u are my opponent i will not follow ur orders. Mamashri shakuni says its time for sunset n we have to kill yudishtir so lets proceed, abhimanyu keeps attacking bhishma but bhishma requests him to go away since he cant attack on him. Duryodhan , dushasan n mamashri shakuni take positions to attack yudishtir, bhishma leaves his rath n goes near abhimanyu, abhimanyu tries attacking on bhishma but fails everytime. Dushasan says yudishtir has bhala in his hand so u have to fight him with a bhala as well mamashri says not necessary n attacks yudishtir with his arrow. Dushasan hands yudishtir a gadha n says now u have a gadha as we do so we don’t break any rules so lets fight. Drishtyum draupadis brother starts fighting with guru dron n asks arjun to accompany yudishtir. Yudishtir is attacked by dushasan duryodhan n mamashri simultaneously.bhishma keeps asking abhimanyu to leave abhimanyu says its my duty to protect my uncle yudishtir n keeps attacking bhishma n keeps failing . mamashri shakuni sees its time for sun to set n informs shalya to back stab yudishtir , shalya says im not a backstabber , shakuni says u have no choice ur bound by ur promise so proceed n back stab yudishtir, whilst yudishtir n duryodhan are fighting shalya tries to attack yudishtir who is unaware of it, rajkumar uttar sees this n stands in the way of bhala that was thrown by shalya n gets killed n bhishma plays shank declaring to stop war, all the pandavas are shocked to see uttar in that position .

PRECAP: Krishna informs pandavas that its impossible to win against kauravas till bhishma is alive.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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