Beintehaa 16th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Beintehaa 16th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Fahad informs Surayya about Usman’s accident. Surayya starts crying and runs towards Usman. Usman is taken to hospital with blood all over his body and his whole family following him. Doctors take him to operation theater while his family wait outside. Ye Akhri Alvida na ho….. song plays in the background. Surayya remembers her time spent with Usman and cries. Fahad and other family members also remember their good times spend with Usman.

Nurse asks Fahad to arrange six units blood for Usman. Fahad runs to bring blood. Zain sadly sits on a chair silently. Aaliya tries to console him and asks him to be brave. Zain refers her as mamu ki bhanji and says nothing will happen to her mamu as he is a superman. He asks her to go and console Surayya. Aaliya tries to console Surayya and asks her to believe in god. Surayya gets angry on her while Shaziya brainwashes her by saying Usman is Surayya’s husband and it is obvious for her to worry. Zain says we must be brave and Aaliya taught her this.

Aroob, Sana, and Saif ask Nafisa if daadu/Usman will get well soon. Nafisa says he will. Kids ask if they should pray god. Nafisa says they should as god will listen to their prayers for sure. Kids pray god.

OT door opens and doctor comes out. Zain asks about Usman. Doctor says due to sever impact, Usman’s spinal card is injured and they should wait for another 12 hours. Shaziya starts acting and says if Usman would not have gone to office, accident would not have happened. She says we will be destroyed if something happens to Usman. Surayya remembers Aaliya forcing Usman to go to office and she alleges Aaliya for Usman’s accident. She says if something happens to Usmaan, she will… Fahad and Zain listen to her allegations and ask her to stop overacting as Usman would not like it. Surayya says Usman is her husband and she not overacting. Fahad asks her to pray god. Surayya angrily goes from there.

Zain asks doctor about Usman again and asks if he can meet him. Doctor says his condition is critical and he cannot let anyone see him. Aaliya says she is going to recite namaz and asks him to pray for Usman, she says today is Shab-e-Baraath/prayer’s night and today’s prayers wont go unnoticed.

Zain sees a patient’s daughter wishing him happy father’s day and hugging him. He remembers doctor telling that Usman is in ICU and climbs pipe to enter via the window. He enters Usman’s ICU room and sees Usman unconscious with oxygen mask, etc. He says people are telling bad about you, but they don’t know how brave you are. He says he has not grown yet to walk alone and needs him to help him walk. He holds Usman’s hand and cries saying he loves him. He says Aaliya told he is her hero, but his hero is Usman, his superhero. Doctors say another 12 hours are critical, but he does not believe them. He keeps Aaliya’s prayer/taweez near Usman and starts reciting it. Fahad, Aaliya and kids are also praying for Usman on the other side.

Precap: Zain sees Uman waking up his eyes and then writhing in pain. Zain goes out to call doctor. Aaliya, Surayya and others watch Usman’s vital signs monitor stop working.

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  1. Update fast

  2. Ohh god pls nothing happen to usman

  3. Its only a drama. So plz dont take it seriously

  4. I dont think he will die bcuz of prayers of lailathul baraat

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  7. MA

    Friends, WU is done. Enjoiiiii reading,

  8. This is so bad 🙁

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  10. this show is superb the best show i’ve ever seen , i hope tht usmaan shaab wil recover ;lets kip fingers cross 🙂

  11. Rasami Maaldaar

    Usman will be fine soon. Rasami believes that Aaliya will donate blood to save Usman.

  12. lets see what happens

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    Rasami will not let Zaya get separated.

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