Mahabharat 12th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Mahabharat 12th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, draupadi says giveall ur pain to me n ur curses as well, gandhari says i will bcoz u were the one who wanted revenge n all this happened. Duryodhan in ppain calls ashvathama for help n says hastinapurs prince is lying alone on this war field , ashvathama goes to duryodhan n says friend ur alive n u can never die, duryodhan says till i hear those pandu brothers death news i will not die, n so i want u to help me, ashvathama says order me friend wat shall i do for u to help u rid u of this pain, duryodhan says i want to hear the news of pandavas death n want to see their weapons with their blood all over so go kill those pandavas n make my last wish come true.
Yudishtir n pandu brothers are welcomed with celebrations , uttara welcomes them all , draupadi is finding her sons, her sons discuss abt the war, bheems sonsays war will end only when uncle yudishtir is throne as the king of hastinapur, draupadi is happy to see her children safe she hugs them n gives them blessings, but she remembers gandharis words where gandhari says i wish u will also bear the pain of losing ur children, draupadi Says lot of mothers have lost their son n are mourning in their loss i wish none of them has cursed me.
Ashvathama goes to pandavas tent , he proceeds by killing the soldiers, sahadev says tomorrow we all shall have a ganga bath to get rid of all our sins, draupadi says i will accompany u , draupadis son says but didn’t participate in war then, arjun says ur mother didn’t just lift the weapons , we lifted weapons but the strength was ur mothers, yudishtir says panchali lets go kauravas are ready to surrender are waiting for u, draupadi says my heart is not in peace n so i wish to stay with my sons, bheem says the war is ended n ur sons are safe, yudishtir says queen has to be present so lets go then we have to be with our sons only, draupadi agrees n goes with pandavas, ashvathama proceeds to the tents which is supposed to be pandu sons tent , drishtdyum stops him n says i thought kauravas must have learned their lessons but ashvathama listens to no word n beheads drishtdyum.
Draupadi walking with pandavas starts running back to the tents of her sons, ashvathama goes to draupadis sons tent thinking it is pandavas tent n begins to kill each son of draupadi who are fast asleep thinking those are pandu sons as there is no light in tent, draupadi runs to tent n when she reaches there she sees ashvathama with two swords with blood all over it, ashvathama says drupad daughter see wat i have done i have killed all 5 of ur husbands n now they will go in hell n wait for u, n ashvathama walks away draupadi looks at her sons who are no more alive.

Ashvathama with his brahmastra , uses it to destroy the whole of pandavas generation.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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