Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 12th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 12th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gunjan tells KT to stop as she they watch back. Charu had left by then. She says I have to see the room again, they come inside the room but there was no one. Gunjan was worried that Charu is planning some game. They come to police station, Gunjan says that we have some proves against Charu Segal. She also has reasons to kill GS like Mayank, we all know their relation wasn’t ideal. The inspector says that we gave her time, but she might come sometime today to record her statement. Gunjan says that she is sure Charu will never come.
Charu calls from behind, she asks is there any problem. The inspector offers her a seat and tells the subordinate to register what she says. He asks do you suspect anyone for your husband’s death. Charu says that Mayank did nothing, GS was in bad mood and so he asked me to run with him but they both had a fight. GS got fainted and we ran away from there. We don’t know what happened next. The inspector says that you both left separately? Is it possible that Mayank returned later and killed GS. He asks did someone watch you and Mayank leaving the place; as it is also possible that you returned there. Charu says how can he blame her, the inspector says that you had the same reason to kill him as Mayank. Charu says that our relation wasn’t ideal, but does this mean I will kill him. The inspector says that it is possible, you had murdered him. He asks her that you and Mayank had been married, it is possible you and Mayank fall in love again and planned to kill GS. Charu denies this all. The inspector recalls that he waited for work till late in the office and you called him to your bedroom as well; your workers at office are evidence to this. He asks will you accept the truth now? Charu blames him for mental torture to a 2 day widow. She says that she called Mayank only for work, in office or home; he is a pious man and is happy with his wife.
GS lawyer come with some papers. He says that Mayank left the company signing a bond so relieve himself with 25 lacs, he deterred GS about killing him for bond payment. He shows him the email by Mayank. Gunjan denies this. The inspector says he will have to inquire about it, and apologize Charu. Charu comes to meet Mayank. She tells him she will get him out and will prove his innocence. She smiles evil turning back. The inspector says that you are trying to prove your husband innocent, and you are blaming her. Gunjan is worried about what to do.
At home, Gunjan asks how we will save Mayank tomorrow. Rachna recalls the insurance papers, and says she had to go to insurance office at 11. Charu tells the same to GS. Gunjan says she hopes they will get some proof there. Charu comes out of the office and tells on phone that they will leave for London receiving the cheque. Gunjan says she will follow her and tells KT and Rachna to wait there. She follows Charu to the office, she was getting the cheque. She calls GS as the man leaves for some more documents. She tells him that her statement isn’t straight enough to probe Mayank innocent, and now they will leave. She calls him to pick her.
Rachna calls Gunjan, she tells her that Charu got the cheque. She says Charu killed GS for this money. She says she will call her when Charu leaves the building. Gunjan hides in the corner, Gunjan says she missed Charu while Charu appears. Rachna says she has come downstairs, Gunjan runs to the window. Charu meets GS, he takes the cheque and looks up. Gunjan recognizes his eyes and says GS is alive Rachna! KT and Rachna run to get them. KT removes the fake moustache.

PRECAP: Gunjan says on phone that they GS is alive and they are running. Charu changes her get up to leave for Delhi but Gunjan gets her from the train.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Sona I love that you write out the whole summary before you upload it for us that way we’re not sitting here waiting for it in parts before receiving the entire episode. Thank You!

  2. cool epi 2day…. n thanx sona fr the update 🙂 btw precap looks gr8 🙂

  3. that’s cool very nice episode …………… charu scenes *d evil one*cant wait for the next episode to upload………..<3 <3 SAPNE SUHANE LADAKPAN KE 🙂 <3

  4. Why are url doing the same story again for Charu and make Rachna open her hair now and tell her parents about Kabir and her make Charu good now!!!

  5. good gunjan expose charu she looks very prety though

  6. Pls stop making Gunjan a Miss know it all because she is a good person leave their lives alone and sort out Rachna’s !!!!!

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