Mahabharat 11th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Mahabharat 11th November 2013 Written Episode, Mahabharat 11th November 2013 Written Update

As per Bhishma’s condition Dhrid decides to send the Kuru clan kids to Drona’s ashram for 12 years. The episode starts with Dhrid lost in thoughts about how he had to agree to this. Duri comes into his Father’s room asking his father what he heard is right. Dhrid says him that he would be going to Drona’s Ashram fro 12 years and would learn from him while he serves his teacher like what a good student does. Duri is stunned, he asks for more explanation.

Dhrid says that he had to decide this to save him from what his actions resulted in. Duri wonders why he should be punished like this when whatever he did to Bheem was his efforts to abide by what Dhrid had wanted. Its Dhrid’s turn to be surprised. Duri explains that it was Dhrid who told him that he wants duri to be his utham manthri and PKids are actually their enemy and thats why he did this. Dhrid is bemused and asks when he said that P Kids are their enemy. Duri explains that once he had told that we need to keep away from whatever is a hurdle to our dreams and P Kids are actually a hurdle to Dhrid’s dream of making Duri the heir to the throne. Dhrid tells him to forget all that and go and learn and become a good warrior, only that will assure him his dream and dismisses him away. The father breaks down crying after the son leaves his room.

Krishna’s words of wisdom: kids thoughts are influenced by their parents and sometimes it is good and sometimes bad… When the parent realizes the kids thoughts aren’t good, they wonder where they got it from but the seed is from the parent themselves.

There is a pooja for the farewell of the Kuru kids. Bhishma announces that the Kuru clan kids will be going to get education in drona’s ashram for 12 years and turn out to be better individuals to rule the kingdom. A beautiful song plays in the background as the boys make their entry with their bramachariya costume.

Bhishma asks Yudi and Duri to go get blessings from the king while the other kids can go and say bye bye to their moms. The two ascend the throne to get blessings of dhrid. dhrid expects Duri first, butit is Yudi who bends for blessings first. Dhrid blesses him and then asks him to learn well, Duri gets his blessings next. Dhrid also comments that hastinapur will wait for his return.

The two go to Bhishma next who also blesses them and asks Dhrid to send them off with a happy face. They are going to get educated and return back as better individuals.

Somewhere else, Kunti is seen blessing her other sons. She had made some dish and feeds them all. She asks Bheem and Arjun to take care of their brothers. Kunti says she will be thinking about them a lot and worried about them. Bheem assures her to take care of everyone and himself aswell. The four sons depart her room. Arjun comes back and tells kunti that Bhishma had told them to do everything sincerely and he would do it sincerely and also take care of his brothers. Kunti says she has full faith on him. He hugs her for one last time.

The boys get their final blessing from all the elders and leave. Arjun turns back again and smiles at Kunti, assuring her . She nods at him.

The boys reach the ashram and look around. Duri and dushasan arent very happy and notice a tent by the corner and think it is their Mamaji who has set up the tent there. They find someone sleeping inside. Duri gets angry and takes a sword in his hand.

Precap: Bird’s eye scene of Arjun.

Update Credit to: Abavi

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